Friday, May 25, 2018

Trump Played

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I observing the latest jousting of Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump, in President Trump cancelling the meeting with North Korea, after the North blamed John Bolten and Mike Pence for their rhetoric, which brought another Vice President growling dog threatening nuclear war, and North Korea now offering to meet in Singapore, there are basically a few realities at play here.

North Korea is answering to China, who wants this meeting with Trump and Kim, so North Korea pulled back their rhetoric.

The United States appears to have surveillance in North Korea and China, and  is fully aware of what the North Korean reaction will be, especially as Donald Trump had produced for him from Gina Haspel's DIA run CIA a most pleasant personal letter, as this is what would provide public appeal and appeal to Kim Jong Un.

 After being outplayed by Kim Jong Un for thee entire tenure of Herbert McMaster, Donald Trump began showing signs of a correct foreign policy, save Trump's blinking in cancelling B 52's flown in South Korean war games.

So now we have Trump blinking and Kim blinking.  It was intelligent that Mr. Trump chose this far point before the Singapore meeting to reset the negotiating point, but what has come out of this is the propaganda that Kim is a nice guy and Trump is a nice guy, and their seconds are the bastards in the room.

On Thursday, Vice Minister of the North Korean Foreign Ministry, Choe Son Hui, said that whether the U.S. “will meet us at a meeting room or encounter us at nuclear-to-nuclear showdown is entirely dependent upon the decision and behavior of the United States,” according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

 The fact in this is North Korea parried with stating it is willing to meet with Trump anytime. That means as Trump made the move, that the onus is now on Donald Trump if North Korean goodwill prevails, as North Korea was in process of dismantling a nuclear site.

So the North Koreans were shutting down a nuclear site which collapsed, which is a zero gain, except the propaganda of it, as North Korea except of the mistake of nuclear threats, is the nation looking for peace, but it was thee Americans who were flying nuclear bombers in war games on their borders.

The ignorant can rave on this that North Korea blinked when the human mind breaks this down to the one word FAILED. That is what Americans will associate with Donald Trump in failure.
When President Reagan and Secretary of State George Schultz were faced with this from the Soviets, the various gambits were muted and Gorbachev was appealed to. Up until now Kim Jong Un's proxies have been doing the talking. It was incorrect in Donald Trump pulling out from the meeting. As this blog stated, his response should have invited the North to observe the defensive maneuvers with South Korea and brought the issue of Human Rights to the forefront in prisoners released in China and North Korea.
Mr. Trump has yet to raise a concern about human rights which is the Trump card. That is a mistake and it is a complete mistake for Mr. Trump to not have first appealed to Kim Jong Un directly in a letter and in public, informing Kim that his subordinates actions in cancelling the meeting with the South and moving the North to the old caustic rhetoric is not the diplomatic response which would lead to a summit in Singapore. The request then for Kim to personally affirm the Spirit of Singapore and to speak for the peace of North Korea as the rhetoric from subordinates was one of conflict.

Once that basis was established and the ball was in Kim's court to react to, and if he did not produce the message which was one of appeasing the US position, then President Trump could cancel the summit.

At this point the feeling of this entire scenario is Mike Pence as afraid of Kim's sister at the Olympics and when North Korea pointed out Pence's rhetoric was unacceptable it fell to Donald Trump to protect his weak spined Vice President.

Choe also made a disparaging comment about Vice President Mike Pence who had said that North Korea asked to have the meeting.

“As a person involved in the U.S. affairs, I cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing out from the mouth of the U.S. vice president,” Choe reportedly said

The Trump clappers cheered all of this as North Korea blinking, when it did catch North Korea off guard, but they responded correctly by punting it back into Trump's court in the responsibility is again on Donald Trump. If Trump says nothing, then Trump is the obstructionist, if Trump responds for the summit then Trump psychologically has accepted the North's position in  the North made Trump move and accept the North's offer.

I was not in favor of any of this from the start, but as this last escapade has developed, instinct concludes that Donald Trump is listening to Kim Jong Un's inner dialogues, in the President knew of the North Korean offer to a South Korean meeting before the South alerted America.
There is too much being revealed in this by the American's actions. It reveals espionage and once this forensic psychological manipulation and sanctum intelligence is understood by North Korea, they will use this resource against President Trump in outplaying the Americans again.

In review of the above, this was played wrong again by the Americans.  I do not believe the President's Dennis Rodman camaraderie appeal with Kim Jong Un is a sound basis for building a stable settlement.

Those in the media who doubted Donald Trump, and did not understand his WWE theater which was first posted here in exclusive, and are not embracing the Trump chaos, are not comprehending that Trump's friendly and stable letter to Kim Jong Un is not the correct response as it now sounds like two nice guys who are not going to talk so nuclear war will prevail and the one nice guy in Trump is the one who cancelled the meeting.

This is not about getting one side to blink, this is about getting North Korea to react as you intend them to for your position IN A STABLE POSITION.

That is not now the case.

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