Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Was it something he said?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is an amazing thing how the United Kingdom disappeared in zero readers this past week as MI6 collusion with John Brennan at the CIA became a story covered here, and it took sometime for the readership to return. Apparently someone was blocking this blog.

That happens all of the time in Google actually is in search engines censoring this blog too.

This post though is not about me, but about the Tim Lord, Tim Rifat. Now with a name like that, one would think the British police state would not care in the least and simply dismiss this guy, but about a year ago they threw him into the nut house to try and hold him for life, after someone posted some pig sex things on the British royals on  his site.
Well it is back again, as Mr. Rifat was off  to Asia, and in the interlude, somehow the police, fire rescue and British military was called to the apartment building where Mr. Rifat's flat is.  The reason was a "leak". Again you have a leaky faucet and from that the bomb squad appears?

This is what the European police state is and what many Americans, like those in Chicago go through in the damnedest things appearing on their doorsteps.

Here is a quote:

I asked one of the policemen ‘are you sure it is not a prank call?’ and he said no, he had seen the device.”
Explosive ordnance officers examined the flat and left the scene at around midday telling residents they could return home.
Police told residents the item they had found had been potentially dangerous but had turned out not to be a bomb.
A spokeswoman for Sussex Police described the device as “hazardous and potentially explosive” but said the suspicious items had been made safe.

So Tim Rifat lives on Brighton on the Beach, and that is Sussex where the Nose of Sussex in that Quadroon Queen now rules as that is her domain. Now take  a look at a few of the photos what the police did  to Mr. Rifat's home, in stating it was not a bomb, but something potentially dangerous.
That kind of thing could be a can of Raid as that will blow up too if you put it into a fire.

Did you notice that the police state ripped his walls down? They were in the electric box screwing around, and were ripping wiring from the walls. They literally smashed Rifat's entire home and it had nothing to do with a bomb, but had to do with intimidation.
For the record, I have watched women in North Korea give holy hell to police there and the police do nothing. There is literally more freedom in North Korea, Russia and Syria than in England.

Apparently Mr. Rifat's computer equipment was in danger of exploding too, as  wires and metal are known to detonate all the time. Yes that is sarcasm, but it is just how absolutely police state England is. They do this to a citizen while Muslims roam free murdering the British.

You can witness all of the pillaging which took place on this where the dangerous toilet was also of special attention to the British police state.

If I were Mr. Rifat, I would simply immigrate as he honestly could do no worse in Australia or Canada. He stated he liked Vietnam, if that is the case I would move to the central highlands and live out my days there.

Magna Carta. the Golden Thread, one law for the king and one law for the peasant. When was the last time Queen Charles got his house ripped apart eh?

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