Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Donald Trump Legacy Already Written

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump the Citizen has proven the old axiom correct to it's core in:


In all of this tweetstorm from hurricane Trump, all of you have missed something historical and quite remarkable. I will provide you the links in this to see if you can figure out what Donald Trump has been up to.

In State Of The Union, Trump Touts End To Individual ... - Forbes

In his State of the Union address, President Trump seemed to attempt to declare victory in the GOP effort to eliminate Obamacare, stating that "we repealed the core" of it.

Donald Trump Set a Record for Confirming Federal Judges | Time

President Trump Appointed Four Times as Many Federal ... President Donald Trump steps from Air ... but the swift confirmation of conservative judges marks a promise ...

Trump signs order to end 'crushing attack' of Obama climate ...

President Donald Trump ordered his administration to begin ... to end Obama's moratorium ... and the former leader of Trump's EPA ...

Donald Trump Ends the Obama Mirage | National Review

Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal struck a fatal blow against Obama's foreign-policy legacy. ... Donald Trump Ends the Obama Mirage

Donald Trump's Presidency has had little to do with Conservatives, Russians or even Donald Trump. Donald John's entire presidency has had one purpose, and it brought Obama out squawking twice, once on Obamacare and once on the Iranian nuke deal. Donald Trump has had one mission, and that was to kick Obama's balls back up into his tonsils, over that horrendous attack Obama undertook in mocking Citizen Trump, as low hanging fruit.

Obama ridicules Trump at Correspondents' dinner, mocks ...

After weeks of keeping his thoughts about Donald Trump largely to himself, President Obama on Saturday night ridiculed the real estate magnate in front of a live televised audience at the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner in Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump effectively derailed Obamacare, and bribed the medical money men to back him, instead of Obama.  

Thee entire Obama legacy is built on two policies, Rationed Death and the sham Iranian deal to prove that Obama deserved a Nobel Prize. Those planks are now in the Trump fireplace.
In addition, the key elements to Obama communist organization is environmental enslavement of Americans and the liberal courts protecting Obama communism. Donald Trump has been laser focused on these two issues, in for the next generation, it will be Donald Trump's EPA protecting American rights and it will be Donald Trump's courts going after liberals, ending judicial legislation for the left. 

I am reminded of the episode of Hogan's Heroes where Colonel Klink says to Colonel Hogan, "I expected you to try and get me removed, but the thing is, you actually did it!!!" Who knew that Donald Trump the Citizen, rightly stating that Obama was a Birther, that this would set off Obama to kill a bin Laden stand in and get Chris Stevens ass raped to death, and it would so incense Obama, that Birther Hussein would single out Donald Trump at a public dinner and mock him in the most belittling way. Who knew that Donald Trump would find a way to become the Defense Intelligence Agency's boy, and from there obliterate the Bush monopoly on the GOP and defeat Hamrod Clinton with Christians leading the way, to just prove Obama wrong in Donald Trump would be President. Who knew that Donald Trump was only beginning, as his entire focus has been obliterating the Obama legacy.

That is why the Nobel Peace Prize for Donald Trump is the crowning moment and it appeared here first.

Lame Cherry: Donald Trump Earned a Nobel Peace Prize

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. The Lame Cherry arises and states at this time, that President Donald Trump has earned a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, with the coming together of North and South Korea, in the coming peace treaty within one year that these two nations ...

The Noble liberals are investigating the nomination as this has them Obama petrified as it is the last major plank to build the re election of Donald Trump in 2020.
If you can handle a long shot on Robert Mueller's witch hunt, what better way for Donald Trump via the DIA to root out and obliterate their contenders who are Obama's folk, and it appears right on schedule.

Think about it, in 30 seconds of Obama tantrum, about as long as he has sex before he premature cums, in the Obama spewing about Donald Trump, and from that Donald Trump in a short time wiped out 8 years of Obama, forever, and it ain't ever coming back.

Is Donald Trump good for Conservatives or Christians? He is no Reagan or Nixon. He is a Sodomite Conglomeratist who is rewriting the Black Political Plantation as much as the Mexican Dope Ringers as Obama's MS 13 gets rounded up.

 This is not what this blog was allowed by God to write the time line for, but it is a repressive system of oligarchs which is something you can live with until  Christ returns.

Donald Trump is President, not the President I hoped for, but the Jehu who was a useful conduit whose main objective was to wipe  Birther Hussein from the record books,  and become the Second Abraham Lincoln emancipating Blacks  from the deep state plantation.

The DIA was moving to restore order in America, and Donald Trump is the President who they are working through. It is not the red  order of Obama, but it is a socialist order which will powerfully manage the system with the same conduits.

The last part of this is thee most amusing, because there is no one that President Trump would rather link Barack Obama to, but another traitor hated and detested by Americans with Bush43 in the John McCain funeral. That is what winning looks like when you have so pissed off a cancer headed prick that he is doing exactly what you intended to have happen.