Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Taste of Bunny

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I dislike squash. For some reason squash tastes like vomit to me and makes me want to vomit. I get the same reaction from bananas, although they do not taste like vomit to me. They just make me want to puke when I eat them.

That all changed when in the metro, TL purchased a Red Kuri squash, which tasted wonderful. Squash are puzzling too in I love them in pumpkin pie, but not as squash, unless they are Red Kuri.

We are now on.......let me see, purchased squash good, patio squash ok, grew brier patch so......that would be year four in growing them here, and I am starting to know Red Kuri in being sensitive to grow.

I do not mean it is hard to grow, because they thrive in drought and heat......yes all things need water, but there is a pattern in they will set on maybe a fruit or two, and then will not pollinate in more humid and hot weather, and then go into squash mode like most squash in like 80 degree days and 50 degree nights.

I am watching around 16 Red Kuri in the garden and am wondering will they be stringy like last year or stringless like year one.

I have noticed that I can grow them quite large here, larger than what is 'normal'. It causes me to ponder such things in this class of red or orange rough surfaced fruits, as there is the Potimarran from France, the Boston Marrow, the Golden Hubbard and the Red Kuri.

I have grown Hubbards and their shells are like rock and their pale flesh makes me go vomit mode. Hubbards were always kind in growing large and well, but they were not what appealed to me.

I wonder how different varieties develop and how numbers of them like growing here. I wonder at the process of it in it takes 3 years to create a land-race which survives climatic conditions.

It is a reality that a world of squash would feed the world. The problem is that it probably would be an orange world of vomit.

The thing is God answered my prayer in all of this, because save two for us, the others are destined for our bunnies, as they really were fond of them last winter in keeping them alive. Perhaps though as bunnies do not like other squash, they vomit from them and do not vomit from Kuri.

I suppose if I put out bananas and they do not eat them, it proves I have the taste of bunny.