Monday, June 4, 2018


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am beginning to think this dying thing when you are rich is something we all should try as John the hero McCain has paved the way in making it every man' fantasy.

  1. You pawn your fat children like Megs onto guys to feed ridding you off that huge cost.
  2. You get to beat up women non stop.
  3. You get to be a backstabbing son of a bitch screwing everyone over to Obamacare death.
  4. Being a traitor the media adores you.
  5. You live in luxury in "hospice" in being waited on like a traitor in Vietnam.
  6. You don't die.

I mean McCain is rich by his wife the beer heiress. He has Lindsey Graham giving him bath massages. He is so relaxed that he forgets his props in putting them on the wrong leg. I mean this is the American version of King John. All that is missing is Robin Hood and Maid Marion.

It is good to be John McCain in this life, next place is is hot like hell, and not enough beer to quench that thirst, but the thing is John McCain's friendly brain cancer has made him immortal. It is like the Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth for McCain in he just will not die.

We are now into 400 plus days of this charade. I half expect McCain to die of old age before this friendly cancer ever succumbs him. This though allows the ludicrous reality of John McCain to be featured here. Teddy Kennedy gets cancer and takes the morphine drip after there were no more girls to ride, but no John McCain as his brain cancer is friendly and as this blog posted, the treatments when started early enough actually arrest this virus and people recover. It is evident the rich man's drugs are working for McCain as it has been over a year since his sympathy ploy of using cancer and he is still tearing ass into America like the prick he is.

King John of the Senate, the death watch today reads, John McCain still not dead.

Who but John McCain would use cancer as a pity ploy to be a prick.

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