Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Beauty thy name is Woman

Sherry Jackson, Sabrina Scharf, Brenda Benet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  TL and I discuss often enough beauty. TL says that Rachel McAdams is very beautiful, but I do not see it.

The reason I am posting on this is for you to examine what is beauty. I conducted tests on this when a e mag was doing the Hometown Hotties, and I was surprised my definitions of beauty changed from day to day.
This starts with Ruta Lee who was on Perry Mason and it seems no matter the role I see her in, I think she is beautiful. I have never understood why as she can act why she never became a big star.


Now the judging begins, who is more beautiful, Monica Bellucci or Lynda Carter?

Of who you picked, who is more beautiful, your choice or Ruta Lee?

Next we move to Mary Cadorette or Tina Louise?

Now in your choice between Lynda Carter and Monica Belluccci, who is more beautiful in your next choice in Mary or Tina?

Next up we have Arlene Martel or Sharon Tate?

Again, who is your choice and who have you moved down from the original choices to decide in who is more beautiful, your choice or Arlene or Sharon?

And who would you choose next Capucinne or Antoinette Bower?

 Lastly, who is more beautiful, Victoria Carroll or Raquel Welch.

Again, in as you advanced your choices, who would you pick, your pick or Victoria or Raquel.

I am in a quandary in this, as in studying beauty, this group of women has traditionally been a constant in what I always think is beautiful. In examining this group, it is obvious that I think angular faces are attractive compared to round faces.

Interestingly in all of this, I still think Ruta Lee is the most beautiful.  Ranking them I will attempt and in glancing at the list, I never thought I would list Sharon Tate as the least beautiful on the list, as she was naturally beautiful.

The ranking........

Ruta Lee

Mary Cadorette

Victoria Carroll

Raquel Welch


Arlene Martel

Tina Louise

Monica Bellucci

Antoinette Bower

Lynda Carter

Sharon Tate

 I ponder things in group "think" as Lynda Carter has no equal on her own and yet among this group, I see her qualities lessened. It is what I see though and it is what you see. In all honesty, there is such a fine line in this group in the middle that most were equals in beauty, but my bias in seeing beauty as more Tina Louise glamorous to Monica Bellucci's European fresh face beauty is the reason for that ranking.

All of us are bias in head shapes, what or who looks like us, the nuances of power to being approachable, to the mood we are in at that moment all affects how we judge, as some days we choose a red blouse and others we choose blue.

One more thing, a number of these women appeared on Hogan's Heroes. So what does that project in did that group have an ability to choose the women who were attractive to most of the masses or is it that I just have a like taste of that group?

When all are attractive, what is beauty and what is perfection.