Monday, June 25, 2018

Donald Trump the Hometown Boy

I'm going to have a fit here until Donald Trump is gone...


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Bill Maher as many leftist in meltdown and consternation, recently hoped for an economic meltdown as the only way to remove Donald Trump from office, meaning it would erode his popularity among the People, so therefore this Obama Clinton Brennan deep state coup would finally be successful.

Hidden in this though is the frustration of leftists in their mockery of this buffoon Donald Trump as they simple can not stand this moron, who according to John Brennan's manifestation is the ultimate degradation to ever hit the White House. See in the psychosis and neurosis of the hatred of Donald Trump, is not that leftists create Donald John in their own image as they would God, but it is that the leftist seizes upon Donald Trump in their personal demons and failings which terrify them most. Therefore what voids Donald Trump is their hidden secret in what would bring them to ruin if it was made public.

What is behind the hatred of Donald Trump is that issue in America that there are two Americas. No I do not mean moral and immoral in Pat Buchanan terms, but the two Americas which Theodore Roosevelt noted in The Winning of the West. In that epic history of the "West" meaning the Ohio country, Roosevelt noted that there was the original northeastern seaboard patricians, and then there were the peoples who broke over the Appalachians and started spreading west. The character of these peoples were French from Quebec, poor Scots and Irish, who were Protestants and later a massive influx of Germans making the majority, with key groups of Eastern Europeans as the Poles and the Slavs in areas like Chicago.
Roosevelt noted that America is not spread north to south, but east to bands. New York moved  to Ohio, Ohio to Wisconsin, Wisconsin to the Dakotas. At that point, the Southern group hit Texas and moved north with the cattle drives into the Western United States, following the migration of Missourians into Oregon Country and the mass settlement of California. The western drawl is Southern and Spanish in character, while the clear distinct Midwestern is chiefly Germanic in nature.

If one looks at the holy days for these Americans, they are loud in explosive fireworks, filled with food always in Thanksgiving and beauty as in Christmas, as they are Christian in nature in family centered. There is not any pretentious nature in them in the least. They have been degraded by the coastal elites as salt of the earth and fly over country, but this is who Americans are in a fun spirited, robust in interaction, loud and family oriented.
In contrast the coastal peoples have always been pretentious. They are reserved, keep religion on the shelf, intellectuals and are a group who never take risks. They are a people who trust in dollars not God, as they have outgrown that archaic Diety who is always reminding them what failures they are. Their mood is always one of control for security while the American mood is always out of control as they feel most secure when they have no restrictions.

When I stated that Donald Trump was running a WWE event as his campaign. The establishment had no idea what exclusive I had provided them, because they would no more sit down to watch WWE than NASCAR or a Rodeo. This mob which watches such things, has their God, Guns and Beer is rejected as morons who would not register a high IQ, but these are the Americans who fight and win wars, fix impossible problems created by the experts with common sense and run circles around these managers who never think out of the box.
That is what the leftist does not understand in the off the wall, moronic, stupid, over the top nuances of Donald Trump is what these Americans are about every day. They have loads of these blow hards in their communities who they ignore, but when the firing is burning down a house, a kid is drowning, they need help at 2 AM, they know those people will be the first to respond and put it all on the line, as that is what Americans do by instinct.

Donald Trump is thee American these Americans are, and they understand him, unlike the stick up the ass Barack Obamas or John McCains who these Americans know by instinct to never trust these rat bastards as they are always lying to them, screwing their wife or kids, stealing their things when the garage is open or not keeping their mouth shut when the cops appear. This is the two Americas in these elitists and the common. Donald Trump resonates with the common as that is what the American character is.

See Donald Trump to Americans is the hometown boy. If he was in Chicago, the cops could call him a crook, but Jamaal is the kid who beat the hell out of that bully who was waxing your ass every day. If he was in East LA, he would be Jorge and while city hall called him the worst thing to ever come along, he would be remembered as the guy who did right by your sister. If he was in Mobile, you would remember him as Bubba who kept his mouth shut when there was trouble at work and you were the trouble.

That is Donald Trump to Americans in the fly over country. They can tell he is not that damn crooked establishment and no matter if he puts on a suit, they know he is that kid who made it big and always remembered them when they ran into on the street, and there was never any of that bullshit of being too good for you now that he had the big bank account.

So liberals can have these shit fits every day. They can call Donald Trump a dirty son of a bitch, but the reality is that it is not Americans are not listening, because they are. The reality is they simply trust their son of a bitch more than the east coast son of a bitch.

America threw off the establishment twice. Once in the Whigs which were replaced by the party of John Fremont called the GOP, and the second time when they threw off the RHINO in endless elections after Ronald Reagan. Americans are in that same process, and it does not matter if his name is Democrat Andrew Jackson or Republican Teddy Roosevelt. Americans want the guy they can trust, because they trusted the establishment sticks up their asses who have done nothing but break that trust.

It is not that Americans trust Donald Trump or like Donald Trump. They simply know he is what they recognize as one of them and they will stick with him as long as someone better does not come along. That does not mean a Jeff Flake or a Mitt Romney is a replacement any more than that stick up the ass Mike Pence. They know establishment and that is who they are, and that is why they stick with Donald Trump.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in Donald Trump's secret, Donald John is America's hometown boy.

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