Thursday, June 21, 2018

Gotta Jet

I only want to kill you a little bit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

JV wrote the other day thanking me for content and humor, which was appreciated as I used to run into people who never got my humor or were stunned by it. One of my favorite lines was, "That's mighty white of you". This was before Obamaland and my liberal relatives were just stunned by my heathen qualities.

The Poodle Guy mentioned in his note that he didn't get allot of what was posted here yet, and mentioned something I want to include for others who might have this problem. He needed replacement teeth and went to Thailand last year for the procedure, and everything has worked out absolutely fine. I was so pleased in reading that, and I wanted to share as it sucks having tooth problems and no alternative but selling your testicles to American monopoly high  prices.
We had a neighbor who went to Mexico for his teeth. Lord God, it was like Mr. Ed with loose dentures. So I am so pleased for the results in Indochina. His wife is from the region and she is a true gem too. That is so pleasing as people do need time to adjust to coming to America and she came here legally in all the hoops and jumps. Just pleased to read that things are working out for people.

I did want to address about the blog though as a play by play probably. I never know the books that God puts into my path at times, like Butch's memoirs of an Austrian Marksman. I simply assume that the content as I have had  several reads like that in dealing with Russia, that it is to prepare you for a war that is coming. I do not know when, but that is what it would seem to indicate, as the blog is usually a few years ahead of the curve.

As for Sebastian Kurz, it is becoming obvious this handsome, gifted negotiator, has a great deal of the qualities of a prophesied person of note. We shall see, but I am all for Jesus returning, and if promoting the time line to that end, of course that is the remedy from God, and at this point, I always have appreciation for those who can get things done in a positive way, as watching the carcinogens of Trudeau in Canada, May in England, Macron in France and Merkel in Germany, is like a festering flesh eating cancer of nations. They are just feeders and I prefer the more robust leaderships of the Putins, Trumps, Kims, Abes and Kurzs.

I sewed a zipper into my chore coat. Stuck my finger, it bled, the zipper was 5 dollars gouging me and the old one works perfectly well out of the coat. Has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but that is what I did for two hours yesterday on the lawn with geese in the sewing kit and kitty on the chair looking at me like her gram used to come and visit.

I should have news on something I am working on to deal with what is trying to kill me in the plague. It will probably help others as it is not killing me. I have been putting it off as I could not get sick as I am the only one who can do  things............TL is not a bull herder as you need experience with that, and as the bull  tore the side of the barn out and started looking at TL like it wanted to kill TL, I jumped in, but it is just the chit around here. The brier patch is something that is unforgiving and you can not learn it in school.
Anyway, I will post on what I have going on in a bit. Am making a diary now.

Just wanted to do that update, and if you can't follow some things, it is usually satire about your being screwed over by the people in power as that is what every policy is about. I just hope God moves some mega rich people who have not donated to fill in for the people who have donated and can not really afford it. It all seems so easy in breaking things down in numbers. 500 millionaires donating 1000 dollars is half a million dollars. Is how the government does it in the IRS every year. Only takes 50 rich people at 10,000 dollars as Paul mentioned awhile back. Not like I am going to waste things, as got a place to buy for our home as I never have wasted money in learning that from Almazo Wilder in the Little House books in he bought the 50 cent pig instead of the 50 cent lemonade. Get the place and then I can AI Baby Belle and Baby Daisy later this summer with wee miniature bull semen and have wee baby calves in warm weather.

Lord that bull was a handful the other day. Hit him with a metal cane 6 times as hard as I could swing on his head bone and he just took it without a flinch. Finally backed off, to come back again for a repeat process as I was trying to patch that barn. Three times that education happened before it took.

I better close, but wanted to fill in what the blog direction is for now, as it always is about Jesus coming back, but honestly it is getting so disgusting to write about these politics now as I know the scam and it has little interest in it for me.

Hey is John the hero McCain not dead yet? Have not heard.

My rich aunt is supposed to be coming over the 4th, not to see me, as I told her she was a dumb bitch. Anyway she got McCain friendly cancer. Docs gave her 3 weeks, then 18 months and she is still chugging along as cancer just loves her. Not her daughter though as the kid disappeared on me. Figure the kid who has not gotten on with her mother these years, was sort of figuring on coming to terms with a dead bitch, and when she didn't die, the bitch got worse in harping at her, as why pretend you are a good person when cancer likes you as the fear of hell wears off. Any way that is another rich tight wad who has been trading on other people's friendly and ruining a kid's life.
Feel bad about that as that kid was always nice to me when most people were not. They deserved better.........but then I looked up the bitch's home and it is on some damn golf course green way, with houses all around it. Damnedest thing I ever saw in rich people living around a goddamn golf course with strangers walking around on your lawn that you can't walk on, because if you did a golf ball would David kill Goliath your brain.
Shit people spend money on for the show and it is nothing but a cage in the zoo.

Gotta jet.

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