Monday, June 11, 2018

Latest Trump Reversals on North Korea

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

 The latest reversals from David John Oates on Donald Trump. The President should be congratulated in the negotiations with Kim Jong Un. It is Trump art of the deal on a nuclear stage and Mr. President is playing him and playing them all.

Donald Trump

Recent statements from North Korea - They must now

Many things can happen - He'll get in a panic

North Korea has the opportunity to end - Pompous dick head

Joining community of nations - Need the path that you will love

This should have been handed many years ago - And I give em the shit

I don't want to use the term - I'm a scammer

Japan is involved. South Korea is involved - Is in Africa

China would love to see something to happen - It must cease

China loves - And now I sell the name, messy haggle

Our brave first responders - Hillary be on your way

Our  people are doing a great job - We'll be proud of you

Thank you very much - America wake up

Honor the lives or America's greatest heroes - My ideal

Trade deals - Finding all fault

We're changing the trade deals - In a market

Get this passed - They're afraid they die 

Benjamin Netanyahu

People die accidentally - It will be fun.

Nikki Haley

Even though he has left the room - Sidney heroes

Hear the remarks of others - Nice scum around us

All talking points - See a war

Nikolas Cruz

Life is meaningless - It's grinning already

Theresa May

The situation in Palestine (To Netanyahu)  - I bait you with bull shit, fuck you

Justin Trudeau 

Support for Israel -  Shit

Liberal party praises Israel - I'll win it

Mike Pompeo 

Topics we were clear on North Korea - A killer, assassinate

There will be tough moments - We  can do it.