Saturday, June 9, 2018

Teaching a Rope to Remember

As another Lame Cherry in exclusive matter anti matter.

This is about teaching a rope new tricks.

See ropes are all through history as they are important.

See I had a college boy educator who was looking at new agriculture books to teach us and did not think we needed to learn about ropes, as he was a college boy, but the class erupted in unison that we all knew the value of ropes, knots and how much easier it is to hold a cow on the end of the rope as a cow holding you on the end of her horn does not work as well.

See I lost my ropes, my lariats and I am pissed off about that. I made them both. I get busy doing this blog though and Daisy probably pulls them down or some shadow thing flips them away, and I do not have a rope.

OK this is your rope lesson as in a world meltdown you will need a rope.

First thing to remember is ropes have memories, as that is what makes the ropes. Yarn coils and remembers to make a rope, and then it is coiled to sell it to you, so you got a coiled rope that you can not deal with.

That is why I appear.

OK now you go to what you need in a honda, no not the car, but a metal honda is what the rope slides through. You want a metal honda which is quick release or your cow will choke off and die, and parents get real pissed about cows dying in trying to get a calf to suck a tit on a cow that is trying to kick a calf to death.

So you got the honda, and now you put it onto the rope.

Smart people know how to splice the ends as it is an art form. Idiots like me just does the normal thing in using plastic rope that you burn the ends on so it will not unravel and without burning yourself, you tie a bowline knot with the honda on the end.
Works hundred proof.

Now you got a rope, a honda and it is all coiled up like a snake on a baby nigger in the Amazon that his not been et by the Parana.

Here comes the patient part.

You stretch your rope out, or better yet you just put it on the lawn and get it straight and let the sun and temperature help the rope forget the coil. that will take a few days or three. Move it around a bit and snap it like a snake in crack the whip and just keep it straight. It will always be like a pervert remembering to click on porn, but it will get to a the point that you can put a loop by the honda, and then loop it up to a cowboy look to it, and then you hang her up on something from a strap on the wall or a 2 x 4 in the barn, where the rope can start remembering to be a loop instead of a coil.

That is your rope lesson. You think you are so smart now, but you will need a rope someday and think back and say, "I should have listened, should have donated to LC, should have got me a honda, as all I got now is wet shoes and I  can't catch a cow to milk her, as I got no rope and no honda, and all I got is wet show liquid to pour on my Cheerios".

Let' sing in celebrating that cowgirl Wonder Woman and the rope of Truth.

You can sing along as it is the same music as the Wonder Woman Theme.

Wonder Woman
Man that girl can even fly
Got her invisible plane, got her ricochet bracelets
And Dack Rambo wants to eat that Wonder Woman pie..........
Wonder Woman........

That is about it as it just keeps repeating. Wonder Woman.......

Nuff Said