Friday, June 22, 2018

The Apple Standard

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I have yet online to meet anyone who has an orchard, who was not trying to screw me over or was not stupid as a post. Evercrisp communists wanted to charge 2000 dollars as a start for an apple tree and  if I ever try to get some heirloom seeds from these jaspers, it is always, "That is  too much work, so how about you buy 50 dollars a dozen apples, plus shipping to get your seeds".
I think just below pedophiles in being pricks are highway patrol, apple producers and horse people. They all have attitude and think their shit does not stink.

In having offended a number of groups now, I rise to the point of order that Donald Trump as President must ban all apple production in Washington State, because it has been a high crime against humanity what those people have done to Delicious apples and every fruit they touch.
We were eating some Evercrisp and Honeycrisp from Washington orchards and the fruit was watery, sour and had zero flavor, except for the bitter part. This convinces me that Washington being a wet state, that their soils have been depleted and it tastes in their fruit. It is why Michigan produces such wonderful apples as they are cool and their soil is full of heavy elements yet in not having leeched out.

There does seem to be an apple belt in America, from around Minnesota east to the Finger Lakes of New York. The Applachians south into the Carolinas is suitable for fruit, but the heat of the Carolinas is too much for good apples, unless they are mountain valley types.

Some states, like California, Florida and Texas raise marvelous citrus. Texas seems capable of turning out nice Yellow Delicious apples, but the Red Delicious tend to be better than Washington, so Texas should stay citrus.

Peaches of course are wonderful in California, do well in Colorado, and it would seem that with irrigation that Nevada, eastern Oregon and Utah would do well with peach trees too. This though is a treatise on apples, and the need to ban Washington state from ruining apple varieties as their soils are just horrid from too much rain.

It is odd as British Columbia raises fine fruit, as numbers of area on Canada produce lovely fruits to Prince Edward Island. The reality is though that apples are peculiar in almost needing a type of desert heat part of the growing season, and then reverting back to cool weather for the ripening, with hot days and cold nights, as in maple syrup production.
They are unique and require specific climate for the best results with proper soil nutrition. It is why Chile in South America does so well in fruit production as they have the heat and cool, with the correct soil content, but again, nothing surpasses the Minnesota and Michigan orchard experience in fruit at the grocery. The troubling aspect is so little of this fruit appears in volume in national groceries, as it is plagued by Washington state monopoly.

While it is noted that apples are genetically a zone 5 tree, of no more extended periods of zero degrees Fahrenheit to kill the root structure, the grafting of apples in the Russian cultivars along with the crabapples, has extended the range so apples produce much better in zone 4, and if one can get ample heat, zone 3 fruitings are admirable too, providing they are produced in a heavy clay loam soil.

England grows lovely fruit, but their apples are as horrid as Washington state. Most of Europe is far too warm for good fruit, unless one is raising melons in France. Otherwise that wet damp is far too prevalent for good apples, until one reaches into the Russian areas, but again the Crimea is a narrow land, and it simply does not have the ability that Michigan has as an orchard state.

All of us hate Red Delicious apples. That is not the apple's fault as she came from a fence row in the Midwest.  Moving that apple to Washington killed it. Breeding for production turned it into a skin tough as alligator, and this pithy, sour, juicy thing that we all know and detest which usually tastes like a moldy basement from storage.

 I believe that the apple that put Snow White into a coma was raised in Washington state and smeared witches in the process as they picked them up at the local Witchmart shipped out of Washington.

It is the high shame that wonderful national fruits like Granny Smith from Australia and Fuji from Japan have been tainted by American production in monopoly growers. The first Granny Smith which appeared were from select orchards. They were heaven as were the Fuji. Now Granny Smith is just another sour green apple and Fuji tastes like watered down sugar in a moldy bag most of the time.

We simply must have standards where apples should be reaching above baseball size or they are not suitable for eating, as it means a drier area void of lakes for that type of humidity.
That is why Michigan exells is from the Great Lakes, and all areas that have that type of influence do better in producing apples. Just because apples grow well in an area does not mean the fruit will taste good.

It is why this blog advocates people stop purchasing fruits from Washington state as they are below standards which have ruined in large part the apple industry. The soils are not capable of growing good flavored fruit, even when irrigation increases the size to a proper fruit.
Washington must content itself with something else as it can not grow apples. They do well with cherries, but again Montana in their northwest part of the state produces the finest sweet cherries in the world. It is always about the soil and proper humidity which does not breed disease.

There must be a national reset in apple production as USDA and conglomerates have blown it with horrid fruit. While I believe all states have niche areas which would support localized fruit production of numbers of varieties to offset a Michigan Minnesota monopoly, America must reset it's standards to the proper soil types for growing apples, so that all of us will not bite into horrid apples that make our stomachs grow sour on the first chew.

It is good and proper to do this, and none of us should have to suffer in being suckered by horrid fruit which are being generated in locations which have zero ability to grow good fruit.

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