Sunday, June 10, 2018

The West of Canada Times the East of Canada Times

Canada, how did we become so Ottawa vile

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The display of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada as host of the G7 Summit was particularly reprehensible as evidence has now emerged that Trudeau plotted to back stab the United States for days. Trudeau sat demure like the coward he is, as a meeting of world leaders took place, in complete silence, and only afterwards he appeared before the cameras ranting in a prepared statement that Canadians were good people and would not be pushed around by the United States.

The reaction from the United States Government was swift and honest, as President Trump called Trudeau out for the back stabber he is and the leftist liar he always has been.
We know from certain in this by Lawrence Kudlow's remarks that Trudeau had promised full support to the American agenda, and had never intended to be an ally. In this Kim Jong Un of North Korea has been more honest with the United States than the Faggot Trudeau.

Trump Trade Adviser Peter Navarro: There’s a ‘Special Place in Hell’ for Justin Trudeau or Any Other Foreign Leader That Engages in ‘Bad-Faith Diplomacy With President Donald J. Trump’

It is not any secret to readers of this blog that I have an affection for Canada, as part of my kindred came from New Scotland. In dealings with most Canadians, they have been the best of people, but there is a rotten to the core liberal cancer in that nation which is tainting the people and ruining that nation by the importation of 3rd world vermin by globalist design.
Canada is  nothing new in this, as my relatives left Nova Scotia, because he married a woman, and was then told that he was responsible for her 12 siblings. Upon hearing that, he crossed the border and homesteaded in America.
Canada has always been a servile lot. The French were ruled by the Jesuits and upon their overthrow by Wolfe, they became wards of the Dominion, who did not flee to America in the freedom there. The English have always been an exploitative lot in using Indians for fur wealth, using Indians for genocidal wars against Americans, and using tight fisted Scots to run their trading companies screwing the Whites and Reds out of their furs, fish and gold.

That is what Ottawa is. It is at odds with the American majority who immigrated to Canada for homesteads in the early 1900's. That is West Canada and East Canada. Canada is ruled now by the same deep state which has been rejected by Americans in the election of Donald Trump and the continued voting for Tea Party Conservatives. In that, it is time that the United States secure her northern border as she should be securing her southern border, and in true Teddy Roosevelt Panamanian liberation from Columbia, liberate Western Canada from Ottawa and this  back stabber Trudea.

These are new times, Trump times, in a new order is appearing in this world. Xi in China, Abe in Japan, Kim Jong Un in Korea, Vladimir Putin in Russia, Donald Trump in America, and Sebastian Kurz of Austria are sweeping aside the old order, and in that it is time for the American Lands and Peoples in Northern Mexico and Western Canada become American states as they were intended. If the Eastern Provinces of Canada will to vote to join America, then by all means America will welcome New Foundland,  Quebec, Labrador, Prince Edward Isle and Quebec. If not, that is their choice, but Quebec should be self determinate in the French must preserve themselves from the Trudeau invasion of 3rd world rape cock.

As  for the West, America will secure these lands and liberate them from the treachery of Ottawa. A true Louis Riel freedom will be granted to all Canadians from Mettis to Whites. Gun ownership, freedom of Speech, freedom of Religion and freedom of Government by, for and of the People will prevail.
For those Canucks who would choose to afflict themselves to Ottawa enslavement, they will be  traded land for land in a cordon around  Ottawa  as Ontario becomes a territory, with the understanding that all of these Trudeauites will be  given the right of return to England and France in two years, just as the Tories fled to Europe after the Days of 1776 in America.

Justin Trudeau is guilty of crimes against humanity in promising passage to Canada  for 3rd world vermin, and now he has broken that promise.
Justine Trudeau is guilty of terrorism and war crimes against the People of the United States for his offering place in Canada to those who invaded  America. Invading America is an act of war and Canada is guilty of that atrocity against thee American People.

It is time within the next year for President Donald Trump to send forth the American militia, with protection of the United States air, sea and land forces to liberate Canada. The militia liberators will be promised160 acres of land to develop for their assistance in liberating Canada from Ottawa, with the full reality of American Status for these Provinces. There is not any need  to change the flag from 50 states. The United States simply can combine several of it's east coast liberal enclaves into one state, and exchange them with the Canadian lands.

That is the reality of Canada. Justin Trudeau is a terrorist, who has aided terrorists against his own people and against Americans. He  is not any different than the regime in Tehran assisting 9 11 terrorists, no different than bin Laden in his attacks upon America and no different than another back stabber in Benedict Arnold.
It is time that Donald Trump finish the War of  1812 AD in the year of our Lord, as it was not finished with slaughtering red coats at New Orleans. It was not ended with Fifty Four Forty or Fight. It was not finished in the 49th parallel, as that was illegal in the Monroe Doctrine in  no  European Empire dictates the borders of the United States.

It is time for liberation of Canada to be followed by annexation. It is time for the war criminals of Ottawa, led by Justin Trudeau face their Nuremberg War Tribunals as the Nazi did. Good people do not call for the rape cock invasion of the United States and good people do not allow their own people to be genocided by 3rd world rape cock.

It is time the fake face of Canada be ripped off, and the walls of deception torn down, and America securing itself from invasion and terrorism out of Canada, and the Western Peoples of Canada liberated at last from this despotic Ottawa regime led by the globalist Justin Trudeau.

May the Spirit of Louis Riel free Canada at last.

Father of Canada West