Thursday, June 28, 2018

To be or Cherry not to be, that is the Question

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am puzzled by current FBI Director Christopher Wray making the following statement before Congress in promoting Free Speech in advocating that people can say whatever they want whenever they want.

The reason this blog is puzzled is because in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, the FBI sent Homeland Security to this popular girl to interview her concerning information posted here, dealing with remote viewing events, in order to protect America from events that Dick Algire from the Rense site had been recording for consecutive months. Algire was pointing to the destruction of an American city which was unacceptable.

The problem is the FBI or Homeland never once interviewed Dick Algire or any remote viewers. They did not show up on Jeff Rense's doorstep, but they showed up on mine. I though happened to be the most popular blog who was alone advocating for Donald Trump for President in August of 2016 in the year of our Lord, while the media had a complete blackout on Trump to try to remove him from the news to defeat him.

So the FBI sent Homeland here, and Homeland knew it was a wild goose chase. Yet in this intimidation of a Trump voter in the best blog in the world, no one in Congress has asked what was really behind this attempt to shut this blog down, as this was from the same people letting Hillary Clinton off the hook and involved in the frame up of Donald Trump.
All I have is Vulcans as friends in this, as Homeland informed me that they knew I had not ever threatened anyone as I advocate everyone obey the law and pay their taxes to not make themselves a target.

That is what needs answers though in Congress, as we know in texts that one FBI agent threatened to have both her guns arrayed against Americans. We know one FBI agent texted of an insurance policy threat against Donald Trump. Those were definite threats and Chris Wray testified that he supports threats.

Now returning to this, in all I posted was what the matrix was pointing to, as pointed to by sources online, and as a Trump supporter I was flagged, while others who originated the information who were not overt Trump supporters, never were interviewed.

It would be proper for investigators to look at those who initiated action against me and look into the lurkers who keep stalking this blog, to gain a full insight into this, and have the federal police state show up at their home and work, so they can experience what I was put through.
Director Wray should answer why my rights were violated and files now exist on me for saying things to protect America, and he instead is advocating for the rights of agents who actually threatened the President and his supporters.

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