Wednesday, July 25, 2018

IDF Evacuates Terrorists Out of Syria for America

Terrorists are Number 1 !!!!!


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As you probably missed this, CNS, yes that Right Wing Christian site had this story on featured at Liberty Daily.

Israel Praised For Rescuing Syrian Volunteer Rescuers, Reviled by Assad and Russia as ‘Terrorists’

The terrorists who are "volunteers" in this propaganda are the White Hats which this blog did a story on exposing that this group was terrorists, funded and supplied by the Obama new world order. Syrian rescue workers had no idea who these terrorists were exactly as they were not part of their rescue structure.

Lame Cherry: Syrian Chemical Weapon Theater for American ...
Do you remember under a week ago when the Lame Cherry posted that who was ... The funding for the White Helmets is the New World Order in basically the ...

But who swoops in and "rescues" these ........oh my these would not be Syrians, but are foreigners, who were working for Greater Judea annexing Syria and now the IDF rescued  them.........and is resettling them in the nations of Trudea Canada, Merkel Germany and May England. Yes another load of trained terrorists are being dumped into those terror havens.
It is almost as if someone wants to really ramp up terror events for some reason in Europe which would benefit some new movement.

Israel won praise from the United States, the European Union and Britain for evacuating more than 400 Syrian civil defense volunteers and their families from the country’s southwest ahead of the advancing forces of the Assad regime which portrays them as terrorists.

The unprecedented operation saw Israeli soldiers escort the Syrians through Israeli territory and then to Jordan, whose government confirmed it will accommodate them temporarily, pending their resettlement with the help of the U.N. refugee agency in Canada, Britain and Germany.

Ok let someone translate who someone might be in this as America, that would be the Donald had Jews escort Obama terrorists, Sunni out of Syria, and into Jordan's CIA bases, where Jordan will ship out these trained terrorists who are chemical weapon's experts (the white helmets were behind the chemical attacks blamed on Syria) to three leaders who have been stabbing some American leader in the back non stop for the past almost 2 years.

The great news is Canada, England and Germany now have trained Obama CIA chemical weapon terrorists arriving in their lands by Jewish escort with DC praise.

We now return you to your ignorance in your non donating bliss as you believe Mockingbird stories about evil Russians and Syrians, calling CIA trained Sunni terrorists out of Jordan as rescue workers when history has shown they were behind chemical weapon attacks against Syrians.

Just who do you think these terrorists are going to be unleashed on in Canada, Germany and England?

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