Saturday, July 28, 2018

The William Shatner Conspiracy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry hesitates to post this as it will certainly be the conspiracy by which William Shatner, the greatest actor since, Linesmore Dintisser, thee original actor cast as Ophelia in Hamlet, and of course in the company of thee best actors of all time in Joaquin Phoenix in film and the greatest television actor in Jan Michael Vincent, but it is the duty of the intrepid journalist to always report the news, and let the news create a larger legend, as Mr. Shatner so deserves.

See there has been a great deal of mocking and attacking William Shatner in being a prick to people. It goes to the depths of the envy all have of Mr. Shatner, save of course Jan Michael Vincent and Joaquin Phoenix who are the perfect gentlemen, in hating him as a Canadian Jew, instead of understanding that Mr. Shatner is of a higher order than those who have not reached the stars, and those like little fag George Takei who have always wanted to be Mr. Shatner.

It was in watching the work of the great director, Alfred Hitchcock, that I noted a very young William Shatner, with a genetic defect of his specie which the astute Nazi noted in their research funded by globalist Rockefellers, in Shatner suffers from LES, Low Eat Syndrome.

Here is the evidence.

Now at first one might think it was a bad camera angle, and yet as one examines the angles, one sees that William Shatner the Canadian Jew, has ears where most people have their lower jaw.

In fact with Shatner in motion, his ears even seem to lower even further for dramatic effect. There of course are not any Oscars or Emmy's for ear acting, so Shatner never was rewarded for this, but it was such a noticeable thing that it began taking away from Shatner's performances, second not only even to Linesmore Dintisser.

It became even more pronounced as Shatner was in a duel dual performance in his ears were beginning to outshine him, and as no one has ever had a Hollywood Walk of Fame for ears, there was a chance the William Shatner might be moved out of the way by his low ears gaining so much acting attention.

Fortunately Mr. Shatner took the ear by the horns after his Hitchcock work in he apparently engaged in RERS or Radical Ear Raising Surgery.
 Others have attempted this and failed, as giving one's ears top billing, brings the dilemma that the ears displace the actor and that is all who is remembered as the actor fades away.


As one can see William Shatner went through great pains in raising his ears to top billing with him. It was a Star Trek years where the duel took place and fortunately for all, William Shatner was an equal to Linesmore Dintisser of 1594 AD in the year of our Lord.

Gradually though Shatner rose to the occasion as  his low ears, now raised to top billing, were no longer out acting him.

It was of course in Bill Shatner became Americanized which was his salvation, as no Canadian could have overcome such a contest. Imagine Michael J. Fox in a little genetic condition ended his career, except for being a crippled liberal, but not William Shatner as he was the stuff Americans were made of.


Yes Bill Shatner was soon playing only Americans, and American heroes, against the terrorist British of 1776 AD in the year of our Lord, and it was all due to his ears being raised as Shatner's artistic heights flourished.

As I have stated, I would hope that Mr. Shatner's detractors would not attempt to make this the epitaph of his career, for his story is the story of being born with low ears, which of course the Nazi as funded by Rockefeller globalist genetic science indicated low intelligence, but here was William Shatner, not hiding behind sissy holocaust tattoos with his ears competing for his performance, took the initiative and survived an ordeal greater than all Jewry combined.

So many people would have given up, but not Bill Shatner. No Bill Shatner overcame and thank God he did, as what a wonderful actor for the ages he has become.

For those who wonder, I have found several autographs from Bill Shatner's ears. The left is quite common, but the right is quite rare, and I have heard that there is one autograph out there where all three performers signed the photo. It was from the first year of Star Trek.

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