Saturday, July 28, 2018

CBS Confirms Two Shooters at Las Vegas Massacre

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

CBS has now confirmed by publishing court ordered release of Vegas Police Body Cams is that the Police were looking for two shooters in actual real time shooting.

The latest body camera video was made public on Wednesday and shows police officers leading people to safety outside a Las Vegas hotel and clearly, they believed there were multiple shooters.
CBS reports:
More police body camera footage made public Wednesday shows officers directing concertgoers to safety and searching for what they thought were multiple shooters inside and outside a Las Vegas Strip hotel where a gunman opened fire in the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. Eight more video recordings, totaling almost eight hours, were  released by Las Vegas police under a court order in a public records lawsuit by media including The Associated Press.
One shows a team of police starting on the roof of the Mandalay Bay resort and working their way downstairs.
Another shows officers directing people to evacuate from beneath the main stage of the Route 91 Harvest Festival venue. Two men rush past, carrying an injured woman.
Another showed teams with assault rifles ushering people out of concrete flood-control channels.

The Lame Cherry will repeat what was published in the archives here the salient point when inquiry into this situation in the matrix was conducted, was that Stephen Paddock was not behind this, but he was an intelligence asset, who was conducting meetings with the two parties involved.
What inquiry pointed to in the matrix was the Iranians were involved in orchestrating the event, and that they had contracted with Latin mafia for the actual firestorm.

That is why leaks have appeared involving "ISIS", which was staffed by Obama's private terrorist squad. ISIS never was except an oil stealing group of Kurds to kick back money to these Obama crooks.

The whole thing is still a mystery.  While many have claimed it had nothing to do with ISIS, ISIS has claimed responsibility multiple times for Stephen Paddock's actions and one congressman has said there is "credible evidence of a breach of the border that was tied to the Las Vegas shooting," but I question whether the man did it all alone or whether he had at least one other accomplice.

If you recall David John Oates on the Rense program found a reversal on Donald Trump stating that Las Vegas was the beginning of World War III. If you followed this, immediately after Las Vegas, the President became active against Iran, and now it has been leaked that the President according to Australians is implementing, perhaps as early as in 30 days, America will be striking Iranian nuclear facilities.

This is part of the wider strategy of taking China oil flow in order to remove the China card from the Russian hand. This is a dangerous strategy as Russia has a treaty with Iran and is ready to strike at America after the disaster of the Putin Summit in Helsinki which cut out the necessary leadership of Sebastian Kurz.

With the MI6 leak about American bombing, this now moves forward any Iranian aggression meant to cripple a United States first strike. The dominoes are lining up again, and it comes to the point of the deep state just leaked information confirming there was a multiple shooter conspiracy in Las Vegas and are pointing the finger at "ISIS", which has often enough been connected to Iran.

The entire FBI delay of releasing information on Las Vegas until the latter part of 2018 AD in the year of our Lord has been suspect in this, and with the CBS confirmation, a new phase of the Stephen Paddock story has now gone active.

As the Las Vegas shooting has been another cover up, as Russiagate has proven as TWA Flight 800 was confirmed to be another FBI intimidation of witnesses, that shooting may be the "reason" behind a US action, but it would be reasonable as in the White Helmet fake chemical weapon's attack in Syria in which Ivanka got the President to bomb Syria, that another event is being generated which Iran will be behind and this will be the reason for the coming bombing of Iran.

MI6 via Australia leaked the Trump operations of bombing Iran, which will allow Iran to move their nukes, position Russian SAMS in defense, and initiate their own first strike. By CBS confirming the two shooters and the link to ISIS, this makes deep state blackmail a reality as Obama ran ISIS from the White House, and there has been a cover up of the Vegas Massacre which in turn leverages Donald Trump for the deep state.

This is being orchestrated for an American Russian confrontation as has been on the books for sometime.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.