Saturday, July 28, 2018

Duh Sharyl Attkisson

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have come to the conclusion that Sharyl Attkisson is DIA connected like Donald Trump and that is why the Obama regime were NSA intimidating her in starting up and shutting down her computer, as that is SOP against government agents which the system wants to intimidate.
It is all to put the scare into people, and what usually follows is being followed by Men in Black, and then the deep state starts asking for local 'patriotic volunteers' who are lied to about you, and these zealots start camping out and confronting innocent people thinking they are doing the country a service.

Sharyl Attkisson: I Don’t Think I Was the Only Reporter the Obama Government Spied On

Attkisson is right in she was not the only reporter who was spied on. They are all under surveillance, but in her case she was not serving the system so the system turned on her. That is why I have told you that Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin or any of these other frauds who never get interviewed or visits is the reality that they are all working as minders for the deep state to specific groups of factions in America to give vent to and control them.

From what Attkisson posted, it appears that from framing Donald Trump to her experience, this all was overseen as a domestic intimidation operation run out of the deep state by John Brennan for the Obama regime and Hillary Clinton.
We know the system in place was Brennan at CIA and Peter Strzok at FBI. It is why those cocky bastards are still cocking off, is because the real shadow powers are still protecting them, and that includes the do nothing Congress which his trying to run the game clock out.

There appears to have been a set of protocols in this that Brennan set up in SOP so that he was not dealing directly with an Attkisson or anyone else. Some people like LaVoy Finicum had murder protocols placed upon them to become examples. Attkisson was intimidated. From my experience, what I posted from online tripped the deep state wires, which in turn red flagged at FBI as the content posted was concerning the FBI was being cut out of the loop by Obama, which has been proven to be the case for the rank and file, as they even ate their own in Lisa Page.
When I was targeted for supporting Trump and exposing Obama, it first was intimidation in things did not load, files were moved in Blogger which they still are, my cursor would go nuts, the screen would flash, to even our television would turn off and on. There is also a nasty sweep that goes through here that leaves the radio buzzing. I will have a post on the drone that flies over the brier patch, and this is not some pissy little hand held thing, but the big global hawk white birds the size of a jet. I see them daily when sitting outside as they have no running lights as normal FAA aircraft require.

FBI handed my 'case' off to Homeland to interview. Homeland has some very quality people. They are very adept at friendly interrogation and they knew this was an absolute waste of time. I was met by Yul Brenner who was the tough cop and Matthew Goode who was the nice cop, but Matthew was the higher up from somewhere else.
I concluded that they were sent out too often to people they deemed tin foil at wearers to draw the line in the sand.

I have detailed the tactics and the gathering of my information off my driver's license as they already had TL's in blow up print out which was meant to impress, so will not repeat the story, except to add that our white kitten was very brave and kept trying to crawl up Yul Brenner's pant's leg.
White kitty is now our stud cat and weighs around 12 pounds.

So yes to Sharyl Attkisson, I was targeted by the Obama system. Other people who visited the blog had informed me that they had interesting things happening on their computers too afterwards. It is all part of the AI intimidation which no one is speaking of, just as what happened to me has happened to others, and Congress will never look into that, nor Facebook terrorizing me, nor when I was writing on Lawrence Sinclair that Yahoo was censoring my emails in stories I was just mailing to myself for research.

There is never going to be a hearing on the criminal acts engaged in against me by this regime. I will never get compensated for the stress, sickness, destruction and intimidation I have had to deal with for years in posting this blog. The President could give a damn about the popular girl who wrote the time line for him to be President. I am still in the wilderness and still have interesting experiences in the regime drones when they grab my signal and re route it are slower than hell, and  that I can tell you is your tax money being wasted, but then that is part of the intimidation.

If you want to know who the real people are, just pay attention to who is having "problems" as none of your new sources ever mention any of this, as they instead cover it up in those it happens to, because that is why they were hired and are being paid the 6 and 7 figure salaries to herd you sheep into some new WWE event which is sure to distract. I have not checked, but from the stories which are surfacing and what I have noted there is a hell of an event which is coming, and logic would conclude it is a big one.

President Trump Seeks to Revive ‘Arab NATO’ to Confront Iran

DIA Donald, that is Defense Intelligence Agency, for the sheep brains, is for Greater Judea, moving to engulf the United States in the Muslim blood feud, in America has sided with Sunni over Iranian Shia. Lot's of Brzezinski militant Muslims and atomic bombs in this feud and as MI6 through Australia leaked to the press that Donald John will be bombing Iran soon, Iran is already moving it's nukes and it would be logical that Iran would be more active than in Las Vegas or TWA Flight 800 in their terrorism to distract the United States.

See no one else tells you this stuff, like you rich people do not donate here as you pretend you are poor, but also pretend that you know all of this stuff before you steal it from here. Just like this blog told you Turban Head Laranjani looks like an MI6 operative as he keeps giving Donald Trump reasons to bomb Iran which will bring an American Russian battle, where America will by odds get the humiliation she is positioned for.
The Europeans want this humiliation as a new order is arising as this blog is the only one who has been telling you that, as of course you are instead shoving your heads up where Donald had his smelly cock as that is all you are interested in.

I no longer care when the Indians dance Ira Hayes, as in our homeless misery I am trying to find a place to live, the money, as I contemplate how many more animals will die in winter, but hey you got your comfortable lives, so what does it matter what toads are run over on the road or what butterflies are smashed on the windscreen of life.