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The Motherland

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In 1924 from a German prison, Adolf Hitler established a distinct definition of German lands. All have heard of the Fatherland, which is the Reich proper. The Leader though mentions another Germanic group though defined as the Motherland. Those self ruling German settlements throughout Europe and Africa which had been pirated from the Kaiser after World War I in the Treaty of Versailles.  It is these German areas which are the focus of liberation to this day in peoples demanding their own democratic representation in government and what will be the foundation of the forming the coming European Super State of the 22nd century to lead the world.''

Think of it in American terms if Texas after World War II, were seized from the United States and handed over to Mexico. Would not these peoples speaking English and being Americans chafe at the servitude of being forced to be Mexicans again?

What is lost on most Americans is Texas is a German colony as are most of the states in the United States from Pennsylvania to Oregon, to North Dakota down to Texas. The national identity of America has always had a German influence from it's founding to the 19th century shaping of the American identity on German values.

This though is about the German Motherland and how she is once again playing a role in the forming of the new Europe, under the astute guidance of Sebastian Kurz, whose own American experience of being a stranger in a strange land has influenced his outlook for the protection of minorities in foreign lands. Kurz family were Danube German settlements and suffered greatly in World War II. It is this understanding which has brought to the Chancellor the drive to unify Germans in the open interior borders of the new Europe, while sealing the external borders from foreign invasion.

No greater example is available than South Tyrol, the German area which was annexed by Italy against the democratic will of the people.

In 1919, at the time of its annexation, the middle part of the County of Tyrol which is today called South Tyrol (in Italian Alto Adige) was inhabited by almost 90% German speakers

To this day Tyrol of the Austro Hungarian Empire is self governing, but yearns like so many states to be liberated and free to live not as a minority in their majority areas. These are Germans held hostage to Italian stereotypes.

It is ludicrous to the fact that when Saudi oil money buys bombing of Christian Serbs by Americans in stealing Kosovo from Serbia and ethnic cleansing of Serbs in other Balkan lands for a Muslim enclave in Europe, because the Serbian protector is Vladimir Putin in Russia, that Germans in far greater numbers and locations are left to languish in their majority status.

South Tyrol is an autonomous province in northern Italy. It is one of the two autonomous provinces that make up the autonomous region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

According to 2014 data based on the 2011 census, 62.3% of the population speaks German (Standard German in the written form and an Austro-Bavarian dialect in the spoken form);

The Germans of the Motherland demand their independence and in Chancellor Sebastian Kurz they have found a champion. Unlike Angela Merkel who can not import enough Muslim rape cock to assault Germans, Chancellor Kurz has advocated an internal open borders for greater Europe while providing security in the external borders of Europe from invasion.

Italy: 'South Tyrol is not Italy' - South Tyroleans demand ...

South Tyroleans demanded dual Italian and Austrian citizenship during a protest at the Brenner Pass border crossing, on Sunday. Werner Neubauer, a Member of ...

As one can witness the voters in South Tyrol are 62 percent German nationals and most desire liberation from Italian bonds.


votes votes (%) seats
South Tyrolean People's Party 131,236 45.7 17
Die Freiheitlichen 51,504 17.9 6

This is 100 years of occupation by Italy, illegally dictated by the American Woodrow Wilson who oversaw with London and Paris thee most sinister exiling of free peoples from their own nation by confiscation of all Motherland lands and properties. In Africa it was no longer German Africa in Tanganyika but transformed into British East Africa. In Prussia, the Poles were handed German lands and the German signs came down and up went Polish names on German towns.

South Tyrol was annexed by Italy at the end of WWI, in the wake of the Austro-Hungarian and German armies retreating after the armistice. Earlier in the war, the Italian army was not able to successfully invade the country.


It is Sebastian Kurz who is standing for the People of Europe in Pan Europe where while consulting with Rome over Tyrol is not backing down to providing passports to these Germans who identify as Austrians because that is exactly who these Germans are.
They wear lederhosen, eat German foods and speak German. They are not Italian.

Austria's new government stokes secessionist row in northern ...

Austria's new government stokes secessionist row in ... in Italy's South Tyrol region. The offer of dual citizenship ... chancellor Sebastian Kurz, ...

Even as British Prime Minister Theresa  May is summoned to appear before Sebastian Kurz, the rest of Britain is recognizing the Kurz Model, in Nationalism, the identity of one's heritage is the primary law of what Europe is, as one can not turn Northern Ireland into Britain, no more than you can turn a Russian into a Ukrainian.

"Even if done with the velvet glove of Europeanism, Kurz's proposal has the mark of an ethno-nationalist iron fist," Benedetto Della Vedova, an undersecretary at the foreign affairs ministry, wrote on Facebook.
“To grant citizenship on the basis of ethnicity would have very serious effects, for example in the Balkans.”

This is the undercurrent of 22nd century Europe as founded by Sebastian Kurz in the Germanic unity of peoples. It is a reality of the blueprint of political doctrine in the necessity of the Fatherland and Motherland joining for European and Global stability against the new world order which has brought the world two world wars and is auditioning for a third.

The crux of this in Pan Europe is as it was in 1924 in the spaying of France, whose leader in Macron has been the greatest disrupter of stability, since the French criminal banking was used to unleash the 9 11 economic attack upon American Wall Street in the 2008 crash which was designed to cement the 1% into power and install Birther Hussein into the White House with two stolen presidential elections.

France has been instigating a coup in Europe to get rid of Anglo American finance and moved onto a direct attack upon German leadership, where she went into the horrendous Obama Clinton assault upon Libya, to challenge Italy for Libyan oil and in joining with England, would  then neutralize German industrial might by French military power.

The problems with France are the same political cancer as it was from their Revolution.

Chavanism: The French fanatical patriotism.

Duplicitous in she can not be trusted

France has become Africanized

Ashkenaz financiers in control of French politics
A power like this in control of Europe and North Africa would bring a Napoleonic imbalance to Europe and the world, and lead to a certain world war.

It is in this that Chancellor Kurz through the offices of the European Union has undertaken the neutralization of France, using Donald Trump in his trade wars from America in the Junker's deal, which gave America crumbs while Japan in an earlier trade deal received the cake.

As this blog predicted in the archives, the old borders would reform and are. The treaties and axis of generations past are re emerging as they should, because this is the natural condition of the world politic. If Bismark detente and diplomacy had prevailed, Europe never would have been engulfed in two world wars or saw the rapine of Russia in the murder of the Czars at the hands or Rothschild and Schiff finance from London, Paris and New York.
When French President Sarkozy had Colonel Khadaffi of Libya murdered, it was but another stable leader assassinated in the machinations of this anti Germanic chessboard.

What the Europeans made President Donald Trump agree to in his trade deal was an outlet for American agriculture into Europe, which was designed to cripple French dominance in agriculture in Europe. Take the agricultural power from France and her military power becomes neutered, and by this the true financial houses of the lowlands, led by Austrian German leadership and industry liberate Europe from the machinations of French intrigue and British cloak and dagger, as Chancellor Kurz is demanding that London honor Brexit and by honoring Brexit, England is isolated and with France neutered, the old conspirators can not join to start world wars against Germany and Russia, but playing Americans  as dupes  for profit in the wars.

Junkers American Deal

Designed to break the French backbone as the Fruit Basket of Europe in the American Soybean Treaty which President Donald Trump agreed to. Junker met with Netherlands, Germany and Austria. French were not consulted.

French machinations the past years have been designed in Libya to usurp Italian interests, in order to promote French military might, with Anglo finance, in order to subdue German power in the industrial and economic sectors for  supremacy over Europe.

This is the issue of the Motherland and even now I am beginning to comprehend for the first time as to why God chose to Inspire me and utilize me as the conduit of information, as the Lame Cherry is the only popular girl who could comprehend the nuances of this and Germanic nature of the future as I am aware of the befuddlement of most readers who are being destroyed for lack of knowledge in they think the Germanic lessons being posted here the past years have no meaning, as much as what can Austria accomplish to change the world. I see the future past the future where I reside now more clearly each day. I see things with TL which delight me in I know how  world changing they are and no one else is covering these events in the nuances as they simply do not comprehend the colossus forming.

I marvel at Sebastian Kurz as he is making every move efficiently and correctly. Donald Trump is a dinosaur compared to this 22nd century leader and the ignorance of the deadbeat donors as to what this blog is recording is the testament of the ignorance they are wed to.

The Motherland is being secured  in something I  had not considered and no one else has ever spoken  of as they have no comprehension of what is taking place.

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