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The Fraud of Mikhail Kalashnikov

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One of the most commonly known firearms  in the world is the AK 47 and is incorrectly assigned to a communist named Mikhail Kalashnikov, but the fact of the reality is the Germans had designed the STG full automatic rifle in 1942 AD in the year of our Lord which predates the AK 47 by five years. The reason this is, is that Mikhail Kalashnikov was just a member a tank crew in World War II, and it was after that in capturing GERMAN SCIENTISTS and INVENTORS, that Kalashinkov put his name on German invention by Germans  who were held captive in the Soviet Union.

Even  a novice can see the AK 47 was a German design.

This is the STG:

This is the AK 47:

The communist Russians had not even developed stamped metal parts as the Germans did in their firearms until decades later. The Russians were still milling receivers from solid blocks of metal.

Mikhail Kalashnikov

The AK 47 though was not the first intellectual theft by Kalashnikov as his first work was stealing the design of thee American M 1 Garande.

In 1944, he designed a gas-operated carbine for the new 7.62×39mm cartridge. This weapon, influenced by the M1 Garand rifle, lost out to the new Simonov carbine which would be eventually adopted as the SKS; but it became a basis for his entry in an assault rifle competition in 1946

That entry was interesting in because the German Reich had perfected a short powerful cartridge in the 8 mm class called the 7.92 x 33 Kurz. The communists stole that genius too and produced a  30 caliber or 7.62 x 39 cartridge for the AK 47. Literally the entire Russian lines of weapons were first made in America in the heavy armaments and in the light armaments, they were the product of Adolf Hitler's Germany.


Hugo Schmeisser

None of this is a secret, but yet to this day, one reads the propaganda of  Kalashnikov as a firearms designer and his AK 47. The true geniuses were led by slave labor Germans in Hugo Schmeisser.

Schmeisser was one of 16 Germans for which a special department (no. 58) was created at factory number 74, later known as Izmash. Schmeisser was appointed as one of the five designers of the group, together with Kurt Horn and Werner Gruner (both from Grossfuss) and Oscar Schink (from Gustloff), under the formal leadership of Karl Barnitzke (also from Gustloff). There is some evidence that Schmeisser was uncooperative with the Soviets because he received the most negative review by his Soviet handlers in this group of five German designers. In these Soviet reviews, Schmeisser was described as a "practical man", whose lack of formal training showed whenever he was presented with any design problems.
Schmeisser worked in Izhevsk until 1952 when he and other German specialists returned home to Germany. With short notice, his stay in the Soviet Union was extended beyond that of the other weapon specialists by a half year. He finally returned home on 9 June 1952. Schmeisser died on 12 September 1953, and was buried in Suhl. The 50th anniversary of his death was honored by a ceremony held in Suhl, as he is recognized as one of the most important technical designers of infantry weapons of the 20th century

The real geniuses of firearm design were Hiram Maxim in the Maxim machine gun of 1884.  John Thompson in the Thompson submachine gun of 1918. The John  Browning M 2 machine  gun of 1918. John Garand  in 1928 with the M 1. Heinrich Vollmer with his MP 40 submachine gun and Hugo Schmeisser with his STG 44 in 1942.

These were the American led inventors who changed firearm history. The reason the Germans lagged behind was due to the effect that after their nation was almost genocided  after the first world war, Germany focused on heavy armaments such as tanks, which they tested in communist Russia. The Germans did not focus on small arm design until 1940 and the war years, and  that included telescopic sights.

The Russians lost all industrial genius after the Czars were murdered and after that it was all intellectual theft either offered by FDR in American invention or Russian's holding Germans captive. Those are the realities and it is time that the  true creator of the AK47 be noted, as it arose from the Hitler Renaissance of the 1930's where invention was celebrated from rocket to fuel.

Those are the facts and Mikhail Kalashnikov is a fraud, and his concern which only turned out imitations after the stolen AK 47 owes the German People royalties on every rifle that the communists sold around the world.

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