Saturday, July 28, 2018

Sebastian Kurz castrates Manny Macron

Oui, je suce la bite

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The power of Sebastian Kurz is spreading like the wildfires of Europe as the greatest threat to European peace in the Rothschild regime of Paris which brought the world Sarkozy assassinating the leader of Libya for Hillary Clinton and Birther Hussein, followed by Emanuel Manny Macron trying to use his military forces to neutralize Germany with London's help as Macron moved on stealing Libyan oil from Italian protection for French domination of Europe, has witnessed a remarkable week, where Chancellor Kurz moved Donald Trump of America to a trade deal to cripple French agriculture, and now Manny Macron has been exposed as a faggot, exactly as this blog has posted.

The Muslims have not raped French women enough,
 so as a queer I will beat up the ones who escaped

The essence of this is more than cock sucking an feces scented penis at the French Palace, but apparently Marcon has a street tough, Italian Macaroni fag who he likes being roughed up by, when he is not enjoying his pedophile wife.
Marcon's Macaroni,  who goes by the name Alexandre Benalla 
was captured on video beating the hell out of French men and women, dressed up as the Village People cop. This in turn devolved into an investigation where French authorities stormed the French palace and raided Macron's office in this sordid tale.

The People of France can thank Chancellor Kurz for their coming liberation, as Mr. Kurz has liberated Hungary, Poland, Greece and Spain, and soon Germans will have a true leader who will protect them from Muslim rape cock.
For the French though, it is the cock of Macron's Macaroni rough sex partner which is their now biggest threat. The perversion of Emanuel Macron from trying to crunch President Donald Trump's hand in his being an old man, and now Macron's sodomite lover beating up the French as Marcon gets erections over it, is something France is in dire need of being rescued from.

Would it be such a bad thing for a new Vichy France in support of the Austrian German leadership with the French military to bring protection to the French from their regime and prosperity to the French? No it would not and ending the destabilization which this faggot Macron has brought to all Europe and the world, in the intrigue the French socialists have sown against America and Germany is a  top priority, and it is time that Chancellor Kurz bring a stability into France which she has not had for a very long while.

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