Monday, July 23, 2018

Trump in CAPS

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

So President Trump has drawn a line in the sand over his PentaJew war with Shia Islam for Saudi Arabian oil money invested in Ashkenaz banks in Europe for Greater Judea in now going on Zbigniew Brzezinski's (Jimmy Carter) global chessboard to control Muslim oil flowing into China.

President Trump Unleashes All-Cap Warning After Iran Threatened US: ‘NEVER, EVER THREATEN THE UNITED STATES AGAIN…’

Look, the Lame Cherry is not a promoter of the Islamocommunists of Iran, installed by MI6 over the Shah who Jimmy Carter betrayed and started all of this militant Islam to use as a terror weapon against Russia, but now it is being used to cement thee American Police State, as Patriot Act I &  II, Trump NSA spying, TSA body searches and Americans can not get out of the United States now without a passport and the IRS will seize your funds under Donald Trump.

The Lame Cherry simply asks the questions in do you want an American city vaporized as  your Pearl Harbor event to attack Iran, for Greater Jewry? What costs do you want to bear for PentaJew?
You should be asking the questions instead of being in awe that Donald John can type in all CAPS.

So what is a threat from Iran?

Is it something like this:

Hey Don, No threat intended in this, but why don't you pay attention to your Jew lawyer recording you for blackmail over sticking your man parts in a Playboy whore and being blackmailed over it.

Or is this a threat?

Everyone knows  you stole the Syrian oil for the Jewish state and that is why Netanyahu is allowing Assad to stay in power. How about getting Robert Mueller to investigate those Jew crimes.

You do realize that Laranjani appears to be an MI6 asset, as he just confessed in June to being part of 9 11, giving  Donald Trump's PentaJew the excuse to bomb Iran? You should realize that as this blog is the ONLY one who covered it for you children.

Lame Cherry: Mohammad-Javad Larijani of Twin Towers Confessions

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. I begin this with stating again that Charlie Rose was one of the premier interviewers in media.

See Donald Trump has now said Iran threatened America, which Iran has been Death to America and blowing of TWA Flight 800 for years, and none of that mattered, and now Donald Trump is on record stating he will attack Iran, over the same Iranian who confessed to 9 11........and there was that little matter of Iranians in that Las Vegas Massacre  which was covered up, which Donald John in reverse speech from David  John Oates said would start World War III.

So  just like Russiagate being Theresa May MI6, once again this Trump in CAPS looks like another MI6 agent starting a war with Russia. I know you think this is about Iran, but Russia is armed, not arming, for a knock out strike on the United States in the Caspian. That is north of Iran.
Once Donald John strikes Iran on these pretexts, then Russia can wipe out the US bases, swing south with an armoured column and seize Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia as America gets humiliated like Franklin Roosevelt allowed to start World War II at Pearl Harbor.

MI6 is promoting the same war it always has between the United States and Russia for their Rothschild banking interests, and as Russia has a treaty with Iran to come to her aid when attacked, Russia pours into the Mideast when PentaJew starts this MI6 war, which you get the benefits of.

I suppose I should apologize to all the non donors who like the Mockingbird constructs, but this is how an adult assesses propaganda stories in the Lame Cherry weighs how much the Lame Cherry does not want nuclear war happening inside the United States for PentaJew policies of profit and hegemony which has Americans paying almost 3 bucks a gallon for gasoline for THEIR OWN OIL, because Donald John sold it all to Europe in order to cause another friction point with Russia.

But hey, you cheered it all, and are still cheering in not looking to the consequences of what all CAPS really means.

From weaponized prayers to the PentaJew weaponizing Twitter for a nuclear war, you non donors better get your house in order as the good times are a coming.

The Lame Cherry now returns you to your ignorance of bliss in how wonderful you are in a coming nuclear glow which I do not desire to happen.

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