Monday, July 23, 2018

Secretary Zinke the only Trump appointment of Value

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Ryan Zinke is the only Trump appointment worth a damn, to coin a Western American assessment. His leadership has begun rescuing the Interior Department, but the fact is his latest project in moving the BLM to Salt Lake City is not enough, because he is making the mistake of moving the Fish and Wildlife to Denver, the liberal dope head capital.

Zinke may move Bureau of Land Management (BLM) headquarters to Salt Lake City, Utah, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. Utah is the home state of natural resources committee chairman GOP Rep. Rob Bishop.
The federal government owns roughly two-thirds of Utah land. Zinke is thinking about moving BLM headquarters to Denver, according to reports. Most BLM employees are already out in western states where they manage more than 247 million acres of land.
Zinke is also considering moving U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation headquarters out west to Denver.

I have never seen a federal game warden who was not a prick. Fish and Wildlife framed the Hammond family in Oregon, and where is Secretary Zinke stringing up these federal criminals?
I was watching our resident Conservation Officer this week, and our neighbors have a running joke about if he ever moves his pick up or I should say the state owned pick up he gets from my taxes.
This dude wears a 9 mm pistol, enough communication gear to go to Mars, and my two favorite things in he has a bullet proof vest on, and on the back of his hat are the words Conservation Officer.
One can not have enough cues and props to make sure you do not forget you are a crook not showing up for work who can not remember your job description.
Last I saw he was in a bait shop. Probably inspecting minnows at 50,000 dollars a year salary.

The problem with the USFW, Reclamation and BLM is they are federal. Federal people are pricks. They stomp around in states and let little state employees start stomping around on Citizens too  so the public detests the entire lot.

I want Secretary Zinke to put term limits on these feds. I want him to stick these federal offices in some shit hole place that is cold as the Arctic, disarm the whole damn lot, cut their salaries, and put them all on foot and make them all so miserable that even a Mexican wouldn't take the job.
Putting federal offices in metro areas that are liberal is just cloning what goes on in DC, as all that federal money will do is ensconce these pricks into neighborhoods and make them all liberal shit tanks like Fairfax Virginia.

Put USFW and Reclam in Minot North Dakota. SAC is there and what could be better than Donald Trump starting a nuclear war with Putin ,and Putin vaporizing the USFW and Reclam arseholes.
Minot has an airport. Already has federal dickheads there in the Air Force and nothing is more pleasant that some fed having to drive through blizzards or heat storms, to get their ass chewed by their director.

I like Ryan Zinke's directives, but they never go far enough, like he needs to tell Citizens to shoot all those damned predators roaming the west as no matter what a judge says in protecting them in international treaties his badge wearers are not going arrest anyone.

Today, @Interior confirmed that they are planning to move the BLM HQ west. This is great news since 99% of the land that the BLM manages is located in the West & this move will ensure that the decisions are made by those who understand the land best. 

Secretary Zinke has good ideas. He just needs to expand his policies to make life hell on federal gopher managers so they stop making life hell for Americans.

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