Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sandy and Maggie

I think Jesus should have used the Faith of a Mulberry seed for me,
as a Mustard Seed is a mountain compared to a Mulberry seed.


I sincerely wanted to thank Sandy and Maggie for their input today in caring about us, and the situation I wrote of concerning my parent. There was not any overstepping and your experiences being shared were much appreciated.

Today was another disaster and TL and I did not get into the house until after 10 again tonight.  I state this as I am trying to catch up on the blog and get tings posted in my drafts cushion, but that amounted to one article for tomorrow on the new Europe. It is impossible to write when trying to unwind when I have four kittens clawing up and down my pants, and then several of them deciding that taking a nap on me is the best place on earth to curl up.
It is some necessary time to ignore the problems.

I am hopeful of what is appearing in Europe for Christ's return. Just have to hang on. Am doing a great deal of praying and pondering.

God bless the both of you as your input is always appreciated in your life's experiences and your kindness all this time to me.

Sincerely, LC