Monday, July 23, 2018

The Boot Heel Prayer

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

TL mentioned a few weeks ago that if there is one thing LC knows, it is how to utilize prayer as a weapon.

I  have not felt very weaponized lately in being exhausted, disappointed and under satanic attack. I have been chafed by all the liars, deadbeats and refuse who think there are not consequences for wronging me. That includes most of you reading this hiding behind your screens in your smug worlds of luxury.

Enough of you know that we are homeless and have been looking for some pasture to call our own. There was one place that I have always desired in my grandfather's, but as the uncle who owned it was a prick and this was about the last hope we had, I was not inclined to destroy that dream, but in a series of bad events I got my blood up and decided to just do it, as TL said knowing was better than not knowing.

The asking to sell me the property went well and I was surprised. The uncle basically was thinking about selling to some neighbor, and I said it should be kept in the family, and he agreed, and told me he had to talk to his daughter as she had a good head on her shoulders, over the 4th of July, and we could discuss it then, as he grinned and said I would "probably end up with them".
Dude is like 88, said he was probably going into a nursing home someday, and I offered him a wonderful situation where he could stay on the place as long as he liked, we would mow the lawn, fix things, and he would not have any worries.

So TL and I prayed about this for two weeks and again another shitty day transpired, and I went over after the 4th on the 7th of July, and once again was stunned what assholes there are in the world. As he had not discussed a thing with the kids like he said he would, and then tried to ask about mother's place and I informed him that us staying here was not going to work out. It ended with him saying he would talk to his daughter when she came again on the 28th and he would get back to me.
I left disgusted in telling him, "See you around Uncle" and swearing I was not going back, as I would grow my third set of teeth before this son of a bitch would do anything or help me.

I came home and told TL that I felt like a bear robbed of her whelps, quoting the verse below.

II Samuel 17:8

For, said Hushai, thou knowest thy father and his men, that they be mighty men, and they be chafed in their minds, as a bear robbed of her whelps in the field: and thy father is a man of war, and will not lodge with the people.

It was then that we began unleashing prayer war on that bastard and I am not handing out free lessons here in what I do, but suffice it to say I knew something was wrong as he stopped parking his pick up in a garage away from the house and in Inquiry I knew his daughter had showed up for a weekend in a 700 mile trip.

Today I got some details as we began unleashing on July 7th, when he was left in good health, and on the evening of July 8th a cousin of mine got a phone call from the son of an adulterous woman the uncle has been catting around with that uncle was not doing so good.

He was found sitting in his chair about dead, sinus infection, acid reflux or whatever, and not moving. It took my cousin a few visits to get him up and moving, and then the daughter showed up a week later the weekend of the 14th-15th, confirming the Inquiry, and she is a doctor and got him back on his acid meds.

He is now being enrolled into a VA facility in a few months in he is getting his ass off my place. The new development is asshole after lying to me and giving me the run around, has decided he wants a legacy. Yes I am not Cherry enough, as he wants the place now dumped on his kid several states away, who will then give it to his kid. Nice try as last time I checked, this old prick's name was the lone name on the deed, and when he goes into a care facility they will be coming for that place he lives on, and the kicker is I was told that you have to have someone else's name on a deed for 7 years before the providers can not come and take it from you to pay for your facility care.
It should be pointed out that this adulterous liar is not six feet under, because I wanted him alive to sell me the place, and now he has insulted me again and here am I furious over this clayware not getting the fear of God put into them in thinking I will not rake for it there.

So TL and I are formulating the second wave in this, as my Spiritual furor was nothing compared to what it is now. This dude's son and grandson are not even in the area, they did not grow up in this area, and they have no ties to this area beyond the uncle. They will never be here and everything will go to hell on this place too like it always does. That is unacceptable and these smug bastards are not prepared for the Spiritual battle about to be unleashed as their gates are wide open and they are unarmed, and I have grievance with this lot too.

In one day by God's Grace in the Spirit in me, Nabal was put on his death bed. Look up the name and the story. It is a reality that I have been far too patient and nice in this and every situation. By Spiritual battle I will get every single person who wronged me to every mother's son and every father's daughter of them, whether on my place or online.

Being kind, considerate and Christian has gotten me nothing but shit upon. Now this Christian is going to start reflecting my Lord Christ the Warrior King on his White Horse, and pour out God's Wrath and Fury for a beginning of sorrows and when the last dreg has been wrung out, then comes the grave and demons dragging them away to hell.

I will be thorough in this in no one who has wronged me is going to have a place to hide from Wrath no matter if they think they are Christian or not.

For the real Christians who are here, I place this as Faith that each of you has that ability. God made me a bit more of a natural at this, but there is not any changing the facts that a healthy backstabbing smartass was camped out for death in less than 24 hours after wronging me and the only reason he was not planted in the ground was because I needed him alive. He has one more thrill coming, and then by God I will wrench that land from his inheritors.

No more nice as you abused me. Now comes the vocation that I repressed and have always been talented at. I am done being made sport of.

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