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Great Father in Washington, Donald Trump


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President Donald Trump signed an executive order commanding Interior Sec. Ryan Zinke to review in the next 6 months the federal land grab of State Lands by Bush fam, Obama and Clinton, in exchange for driving Americans off the land, campaign bribes and the American Genocide.
I am not going to give President Trump a pass on this in celebrating this as some victory, as what this is about is Trump Brand for its backers gaining access to mineral resources. It is not any different than Obama Clinton murdering LaVoy Finicum over Bill Gates and Russian uranium energy interests in Oregon, because it is all the same exploitation in Indians and Environmentalists are driving Americans off their lands, and the Trump Brand will keep Americans off those lands for Wall Street interests to develop those lands.

What this comes down to for me is American Ranchers have been murdered over this federal land grab, and an entire group of people have had their lives exterminated as the Indians have, like the Bundy family of Nevada.

The issue in this is Teddy Roosevelt's CONSERVATION OF THE WEST. Roosevelt never intended for the West to become national parks to be preserves as everything dies. In fact, Teddy and the first environmentalist John Boroughs sought to kill every bear, mountain lion, wolf and coyote in America to protect "good wildlife" which could be watched and hunted by Americans for their enjoyment. Those are the historical facts, along with ranchers, lumber mills, mining companies, all being able to access those lands, as much as hunters, hikers, campers, fishers, trappers to share that land for best results in jobs and wildlife to promote an active outdoor America with jobs.

From Donald Trump importing legal illegals now, I know that all of these jobs will be going to Indian engineers and Mexican miners. The American Genocide has begun and the people of the west are as dead as LaVoy Finicum, but the counter point in this is, at least it will not be Obama Clinton Russians owning US mining interests and BLM shooting Americans.

So President Trump for Trump Brand, meaning Wall Street mining for Peking communists has ordered Sec. Zinke 6 months to review this entire scam of the globalists, which should only require a week, as it is a scam by globalists to steal American lands.

The reality is though that a State like Utah has had in two Clinton and Obama land grabs, stolen from them, over 3 million acres of land. New Jersey has 4.7 million acres  of land, so it reveals how much land these globalists have been driving Americans  off their land through Soros environmental propaganda groups, along with communist Indians and other "groups" who are part of this international scam.

Most of the monuments declared seem to actually protect “land,” not “landmarks.” A landmark is by definition an object or feature of the landscape that can be seen from a distance and helps you to establish your location.
Such a definition clearly applies to Pompeys Pillar in Montana, a rock formation that was a landmark both to native tribes and to white settlers and explorers such as Lewis and Clark. It is worthy of preservation, and President Clinton, faithful to the intent of the Antiquities Act, set aside only 51 acres of land to preserve the landmark in the Pompeys Pillar National Monument.
Compare that to the Bear Ears National Monument in Utah, which set aside 1.35 million acres of land surrounding the Bear Ears, a pair of mesas considered sacred by Native American tribes. Does that really fit in with the act’s requirement that the monument’s acreage should consist of ”the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects to be protected”? Or is this more accurately described as an old-fashioned land grab?

 Coal Reserves Utah

The fact is what is under review is since Bill Clinton in 1996, most of the land has been stolen under this act and has nothing to do with monuments.

Jimmy Carter: Endangered American Wilderness Act of 1978 ...

Jimmy Carter 1978: Book ... But we still have an opportunity to act on legislation that will preserve crucial wilderness areas in Alaska before some of the most ...

What is the problem in this, is that Jimmy Carter in his last act of treachery against Americans, stole most of the State of Alaska for "wilderness" areas, but of course that is not going to be looked into, nor is Alaska going to be compensated, as some special interest has control over this land for their later exploitation, unless of course Mr. Trump's Asian war does not have the Chicoms invading Alaska and seizing that state for it's oil for its people, in the event that Mr. Trump loses the war, and Alaska is part of American War Reparations to Kim Jong Un of North  Korea.

Most importantly, as Secretary Zinke pointed out at the signing ceremony, there is reason to question whether the law has been followed at all in recent designations of national monuments. That’s because the 1906 act restricted the president’s power to designate a monument by noting that reservations of land were not to exceed “the smallest area compatible with the proper care and management of the objects to be protected.” Instead, many of the national monuments designated in the past 30 years have been massive, and there is no conceivable way to even find a specific “object” to be protected. What “object,” “structure” or “landmark” is being protected in the Missouri Breaks? Yes, the area may well be worthy of protection, but that does not mean it is a national monument.

In the oddity of this the focus of this Bears Ears is an interesting figure as sometimes it is listed at 1.3 million acres and sometimes as 1.9 million acres. Losing 600,000 acres of land is a parcel which is almost as large as Mr. Trump losing 3 aircraft carriers in his phantom armada.

Concerned about the likelihood that President Barack Obama will declare a new 1.9 million-acre Bear Ears national monument in eastern Utah,

In the end of this trail, this all comes down to crooked Clintons who were illegally taking in Indonesian campaign contributions from the Riady family, who owned a massive coal reserve in Asia, and Clinton shut down Utah's coal reserves without compensation to American business due to this bribe, which the Clinton's should have went to prison for.

The New York Times reported that the monument encloses the largest coal field in the nation, the Kaiparowitz Plateau, which contains at least 7 billion tons of coal worth over $1 TRILLION.
Kentucky-based company Andalux Resources, which holds leases on 3,400 acres in the area, was planning to open a huge operation (underground, not strip mining) that would have generated 1,000 jobs, $1 million in annual revenue for Kane County, and at least $10 million a year in state and federal taxes, according to the New York Times. Folks living in the area wore black arm bands the day o the signing - but Clinton didn't see them. He chose to make his announcement in a neighboring state. WHY?
Why did he do it? Why lock up $1 trillion worth of coal?

What do you think 1 trillion dollars worth of coal would have done for your low electric bills and for the American balance of trade? Yes that is what is going on in all of this, is the destruction of America by treacherous politicians, but now that Wall Street will be able to invest as in North Dakota in giving those asstard people a few pennies for a trillion dollars in oil, we can rest assured that our world will be one of prosperity for Trump Brand again............and Peking.

In the weeks prior to the past election, revelations surfaced almost daily regarding donations from foreign sources to the Democratic Party and Clinton's past campaigns. At the center of the controversy was another set of people to whom Clinton owes a few favors: the Lippo Group, a powerful $5 billion Indonesian conglomerate, founded and owned by the Riady family who, it turned out, had raised and funneled millions of dollars into campaign coffers

And once again, Wall Street and Peking........

Moreover, the coal at Kaiporowitz Plateau is a kind of coal that is not found "everywhere." It is very low sulfur, low ash - hence, low polluting - coal, the kind in high demand for power plants, such as one being designed for Ensenada, Mexico. That megawatt giant, presently on the drawing boards, will supply electricity across northern Baja, an area plagued by brownouts.
Had it not been taken off the world market, the logical source of coal for the Baja plant would be the Kaiparowitz Plateau. Once mined it could be transported by rail to the ports of Long Beach or Los Angeles, then by barge to Ensenada. Thanks to Clinton, there will be no exporting of Kaiparowitz coal, which means the facility's procurement people will have to look elsewhere for clean non-polluting fuel.
Only two other sources
Besides the Kaiparowitz Plateau, there are only two other known locations in the world where comparable coal is found in sufficient quantities to make mining it worthwhile. Colombia in South America is one, but it'll be years before the necessary mining and shipping infrastructure is built.
The other? You got it. Indonesia.
That's right - the coal fields of South Kalimantan (Borneo), Indonesia.

What I personally want in this which would make everything right, would be if Sec. Zinke and President Trump do not return all of these  lands to Americans, that a state like New York, will also have to give up 3 million acres of land. I like New York City, Long Island and whatever else is there, and all those  people can be told to get off their land like the Bundy's, fined for harming nature, and have to restore New York City to the pretty swamp it was for duck hunting as it was in 1700 when a hunter could step out of his Dutch home, with musket in hand, and go hunt up supper.

Perhaps if Trump Tower and all of Wall Street would be returned to nature as most of the west is expected to be held, so it does not provide jobs or taxes, then by acclaim, all of this preservation nonsense would stop when urbanites started getting booted out of their homes and their jobs. Then barren brush patches would not seem so important as the globalists lost their fortunes and homes.

So I support Donald Trump in this action. Yes. Do I believe anything will come of this? Yes. What will come of it though is Wall Street profits, pennies to western peoples while trillions go to New York again, and China and Mexicans get the resources and jobs, as I have seen this game before.

Give the Indians a cut of the money, and they will rape the land as they always have in burning and slaughter. Promise them a monument and a chance at the money later, and they become environmentalists.

There is enough land, enough restoration after mining, timber and grazing to make everyone millionaires, but this is about driving Americans from the land and conglomerates stealing it, behind the guise of Indians and environmentalists.

This time it is Wall Street making the money, by selling to China employing Mexicans. With Obama and Clinton it would be selling to foreigners while genociding Americans. It all pretty much is the same.

I just support Donald Trump, in the vain hope that a next President will not sell out Americans as he has to Gary Cohn Goldman Sachs, and then America will be husbanded as Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan intended.

.......and in supporting, all that has arisen is Mr. Trump lessened the size of the land grab. He did not return the lands to the People.

As you do not know this, I have kept moving this posting for several months as more important stories needed to be focused upon. Understand this story was written while Mr. President was still trusted by the majority of you, and as it has evolved, I discovered this story on March 3rd, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, that the focus of the Bear's Ears had nothing to do with Americans, but the Nazi conglomerates getting the oil there.

Oil was central in decision to shrink
Bears Ears monument, emails show

New York Times, by Staff    Original Article
WASHINGTON — Even before President Donald Trump officially opened his high-profile review last spring of federal lands protected as national monuments, the Department of Interior was focused on the potential for oil and gas exploration at a protected Utah site, internal agency documents show. The debate started as early as March 2017, when an aide to Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, asked a senior Interior Department official to consider reduced boundaries for Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah to remove land that contained oil and natural gas deposits that had been set aside to help fund area public schools. "Please see attached

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