Sunday, August 5, 2018

Boycott Eh.......

Super Heroine Niagara Woman  says:



As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lame Cherry's second largest reader group is Canadians.......sometimes as Russians often take that spot over, it behooves me to report on something Canadian, as only one Canadian has ever donated to this blog.

The issue is the photo from Zerohedge as a Canuck female who really is unattractive is waging economic war on the United States. I am not one to take this serious, but I am serious when it is a Mercedes in the background and more to the issue in I feel pity for Canadians as they make a protest sign which requires two sticks to support it.

In the evolution of humans, the one big stick is the way things are, as intelligence reveals that two little sticks break. I feel sorrow that Canadians are devolving, and they are choosing these faggot leaders like that soy milk pervert Justin Trudeau.

I simply can not take Canada serious when they are this primate. What comes next, they start growing tails or start living in trees? Like the Slestack of Land of the Lost, did Canada reach their evolutionary height sometime at the last American settlements in 1900 and have been going down hill ever since in the most rapid gene implosion in history.

I ask all Canadians to please look at some pictures before you start protesting America as you look not intelligent, and while I am all for invading Canada and annexing the Provinces as American and making Canada Great For The  First Time, I am not in favor of the conclusions based on primate Canadians that we are going to have to put most of them in zoo exhibits and have to import more Dole bananas in order to feed this banana welfare group.

Perhaps I would be more sympathetic if Canadians in 99.9% majority were all deadbeat donors, intellectual thieves and pathetic protestors. Some rich Canuck donating tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars would buy more sympathy, but at this point in this stick sign lack of intelligence, I simply can not defend Canada in more extreme elements calling for nuclear first strike or putting Canadians in zoos once they are annexed.

PS: The Lame Cherry searched for the super powers of Niagara Woman, the first Canadian Super Hero, but it seems her powers center on falling faster than a falling maple leaf and being as dewy as the mists of Niagara Falls.
At least she has not devolved to holding two little sticks to insert a tampon.

Nuff Said