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When Satan Makes A Kushner Deal

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There is a question for the Kushner mafia family of slum lords whose criminality was prosecuted by Chris Christie and their last manifestation was influence pedaling to Chinese investors the family manipulation of President Donald Trump via Jared and Ivanka Kushner, to this  latest announced deal which stinks to high heaven.

For a background on this, Jared Kushner for some reason conned his family into purchasing the Devil's Tower or 666 in New York at the height of the real estate boon which busted about a day later. The property went for 1.8 billion, about 1.2 billion more than it was worth.
Since that time, the Kushner's have not been able sucker illegal Chicom investment nor been able to make sufficient upgrades for rentals as that debt was simply too immense.

The Kushner Mafia has been trying to unload this property to some sucker, and when you read of the deal, you will wonder what the real deal was, as the Kushner's leased this property to a global investment firm called Brookfield for their over a billion dollars in debt and a payment of over one hundred millions dollars to get out from another investor, so Brookfield has complete control of development of this property for 99 years.
Literally,  the Kushner Mafia lost their asses in this Jared Kushner deal and got absolutely nothing out of it. This is worst real estate deal in history.

The term of Brookfield's 100% leasehold interest in the office condominium, acquired from the Kushner Companies, will be 99 years.
Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
Brookfield owns and operates more than 275 office buildings worldwide, with approximately $160 billion in real estate assets under management.
Brookfield Asset Management a leading global alternative asset manager with approximately $285 billion in assets under management. The company has more than a 115-year history of owning and operating assets with a focus on real estate, renewable power, infrastructure and private equity. Brookfield offers a range of public and private investment products and services, and is co-listed on the New York, Toronto and Euronext stock exchanges under the symbol BAM, BAM.A and BAMA, respectively. For more information, please visit our website at

As one can read from the Wiki information, Brookfield has an immense rental income each month of 5.5 billion with almost 3 billion cleared. Brookfield is so large that the billion they bailed the Kushner's out with is nothing, as they paid aroun a half a billion less for 666 than Jared Kushner overbid on it, but the problem is 666 needs major renovations in order to make it a profitable investment.

Brookfield Asset Management logo.svg
Public, Limited partnership
Traded as NYSEBPY
Industry Commercial Real Estate
Founded 2013; 5 years ago
Headquarters Hamilton, Bermuda[1]
Key people
Ric Clark (Chairman)[2]
Brian Kingston (CEO)[3]
Revenue Increase US$5.5 billion (2016)[1]
Decrease US$2.7 billion (2016)[1]
Total assets Increase US$78 billion (2016)[1]
Number of employees
16,000[1] *Includes Brookfield Property Group employees and operating employees employed by affiliated and/or portfolio companies owned by Brookfield or Brookfield-sponsored funds.

All of the above brings this to what it looks like in Brookfield is headquartered in Bermuda which is like all British Islands in being involved in wholesale money laundering. Interestingly on July 29th of this year, Bermuda was forced to pass anti money laundering regulations in order to pass an audit.

Extra safeguards to protect Bermuda from money laundering and terrorist funding are expected to help the island pass an international audit next month, senators heard.
The island’s anti-crime standards will be scrutinised by the Financial Action Task Force in a two-week evaluation scheduled to start on September 24.
Members of Parliament last week approved a series of changes to laws designed to address matters “pertinent to Bermuda’s compliance with international standards” and the amendments were yesterday backed by the Senate.
Kathy Lynn Simmons, the Attorney-General, said at the Senate on Monday: “The amendments contained in this sweep of bills are all geared to support the continued enhancement of Bermuda’s AML/ATF regime.
“Therefore the improvements brought about by these amendments will benefit Bermuda’s updated submissions to the assessment team before they arrive in September, 2018.”
She added the changes will also “bolster” Bermuda’s compliance with the international anti-money laundering and antiterrorist financing regime standards set by FATF.

So billions of dollars flowed  through Bermuda, in these global properties at all the key financial and business  plazas around the globe in a company which appeared under Obama in 2013 AD in the year of our Lord.
Just a question here, in what are the odds that John Brennan's CIA using Obama money dumps on Wall Street underwrote this company and is placing more surveillance in these properties than at NSA?

In the below, we see that the major Muslim terror money laundering nation of Qatar purchased a massive property which meant that money flowed into Brookfield from interesting sources which again with Obama running world terror out of 1600 Penn Avenue, and Robert Mueller having zero problem with this interesting investment structure operating in America, but is all over Paul Manafort for the same types of money flows, it simply indicates  that something just seems a bit off in this, like why this British MI6 looking linked company operating in Bermuda and London, the same MI6 which was involved in creating Russiagate, just happened to offer a sweetheart deal to the Kushner Mafia.

In New York City, Mr. Clark leads the team that is developing the 5.4 million square foot Manhattan West office and residential project. The site was created by installing a massive concrete deck, covering an entire city block, over a working rail yard. Forbes magazine noted that the Brookfield team shows great patience involved in bringing large scale developments to market: Manhattan West is an $8 billion project that has been in the works for two decades. Brookfield sold a 44% stake in Manhattan West to the Qatar Investment Authority in 2015

It all just sort of looks like a black operation of the CIA dealing with a bad Jared Kushner investment originating from the deep state for what appears to be a major favor which was generated because the current White House is more and more pleasing to people like the Bush family who has gone silent in harping about Donald Trump, but once Donald Trump started acting Jeb like nominated Brett Kavanaugh, things have started going easier from Trump Brand.

This deal does not look right and you will notice that democrats will not raise holy hell about it, and that points to this is the deep state at work again, as all things Kushner Jewish Mafia simply is something embraced by Robert Mueller, the DOJ and the FBI.

So we have a global company, taking in money from no one knows where, and they just happen to bail out the President's son in law, when no one else would touch that toxic debt. What was the price of the soul of the Trump administration for this deal?

Yes nothing is amiss here. Wonder which FOX news babe has her skirt up to her twat or Donald Trump jr has his hands down her cleavage.


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