Monday, August 6, 2018

That Happy Warrior

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It is difficult to understand the following story as it is about a politician, who is lost to history, but at the same time his historical record of losing to Richard Nixon for President, hides the man that Hubert Humphrey was, because when you say Minnesota, all one thinks now about is Somali terrorists, the horrid despots like Mark Dayton to the feckless Mondales, but in that people lose sight too that Hubert Horatio Humphrey was a South Dakotan, and even in him, he was nothing like the machinations of Tom Daschel or George McGovern, two of the worst politicians in harming America in her history.

Humphrey was a pharmacist clerk in Doland South Dakota, before he became a self made man of chance meetings which rose him to become Vice President, where he then returned to the US Senate. It was in the final years of his life that Humphrey was diagnosed with cancer and dealt with a tube for excrement and urination, as Jimmy Carter who had castigated Humphrey as a candidate rushed as a failed president to make Humphrey his mule to get something done in the feckless Carter regime.

Hubert Humphrey had a genuine goodness about him. People like Golda Mier genuinely loved him like a son. Leaders would sit with him and tell him things that they would tell no one else, because that is who Humphrey was in he could be trusted and one good deed done for him, would make him loyal for life.

It was in his cancer treatment that the essence of Hubert Humphrey shown from his small town American roots. He had undergone some new radical treatment of injecting some cancer drug into his liver and he said later that every bone in his body ached. He was sick, so sick as he later admitted that he wanted it all to end, but in admitting that, told his friends to never tell his wife or children this.

It was in that horrid night of pain in another treatment which did not work, that he reflected that people just has to be thankful and count their blessings, no matter how small, because Humphrey was so sick that he could not even look at a saltine. The next morning though he was blessed as he related that he actually could eat some cereal in Special K.

Edgar Berman, his physician would  state that this is what it all came down to in a bite of cereal was something to be thankful for, but that was Hubert Humphrey in a man who watched his father lose his business and home in the Great Depression, he simply never forgot to be thankful in the worst of times.

HHH never had things easy. Lyndon Johnson  never invited him to Camp David, and was horrid to him as Humphrey ran for President. Carter treated him poorly until Carter needed him. Things were sore with Richard Nixon in the loss, but in all things Humphrey was always there to say something positive or if he could, he would help those who needed help.

That is a great contrast to the politicians who are in supply today. The thing is the same shiftless sorts were around in Humphrey's day, but Humphrey was different in he was genuine. I am not saying he walked on water or was a saint, but when it came to him, he had that small child in him, who never took anything for granted, and friendship and honesty was what he appreciated.

He once said that if Carter had brought him to Camp David to be milked, that is what he was there for to be milked out. He was quite selfless in his inner soul and whether he made mistakes or one did not agree with his politics, the reality is there was a genuine reality about Hubert Humphrey whose goodness has vanished from thee American majority.

I would never vote for Humphrey and his legacy is what has brought America the venom of what is the communist party of the DNC and the genocide of America, so his good intentions did pave a gold path to hell, but his goodness in always being thankful and accepting a tortuous death is the greatness of this product of the prairie who democrats have forgotten too long and as their talking points and venom have nothing to do with America or helping Americans, but instead of making a deeper wound of Hubert H. Humphrey on America.

Life is never easy for most people and for most people the bad days far outnumber the few good moments, but it is how you conduct yourself when you are broken which is the shining moment of goodness, if you just do not allow yourself to be swept away by anxieties and fears, and be thankful that there is some good somewhere in this world.

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