Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Donald Trump's Problems Are His Cheap Friends

Karen let's go over to Trump Tower and show them where the Willis has been.... 

*Editors note to President Trump:
You should have known with those knees on Karen McDougall that she did not get them from scrubbing floors........so she might be a problem later.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has noticed a trend with Donald Trump in he seems to attract people of needy financial character like Hillary and Bill Clinton seem to attract foreigners wanting  to buy influence. It is in this, the Lame Cherry weighs in trying to help Donald Trump Sr.

First up there is Paul Manafort's partner who liked putting  his old cock into a woman in London..........

So let me get this straight in Gates was stealing money to pay for sex with some European woman. Now you don't suppose she was an MI6 agent do you?


I honestly thought it was a tampon sex toy, not an MI6 agent, as she told me I looked like Merlin Olson from Little House on the Prairie, and she always wanted someone to strike her claim.

  Paul Manafort´s deputy Rick Gates admits
he had a mistress, bought her a London
apartment, stole millions from his boss
- and may have embezzled from TRUMP’S
inauguration funds

Daily Mail [UK], by Alana Goodman    Original Article
Paul Manafort´s former deputy Rick Gates admitted to using offshore bank accounts to pay for a secret extramarital affair, including providing a London apartment for his mistress and luxury trips through Europe, during Manafort´s tax and bank fraud trial on Tuesday afternoon. Manafort´s defense attorneys accused Gates of embezzling money from the former Trump campaign chairman to fund his ´secret life´ and overseas mistress during an explosive exchange at the trial on Tuesday. Gates also told the court he might have stolen money from the Trump inauguration committee while he was a staffer there after the election. Gates, a 46-year-old married father of

First off in this, no man should have to pay a million dollars for sex. Saudi's pay Dinesh D'Souza's Indians just  a few rupee for all kind of pedophile pussy. I mean an old woman of 18 in India would be given away for nothing. Gates could get a dozen of them, wash the Ganges off and buy some province in Bulgaria and he would have money left over in not having to steal from Paul Manafort.

It is like Trump's attorney for not paying taxes as he is having financial problems. A Jew who is living too high off the hog, is a Jew who is not stealing other people's money. This Cohen needs to not spend all his time with the Russian mafia, as you can't make any money in those deals. Cohen instead of taping his clients to blackmail them, Cohen instead needed a richer clientele to cheat out of their money, as apparently his clients are like Donald Trump in being all cheap.

Take Sean Hannity for example. Dude makes like 50 million a year and he hits up Cohen for free tax advice.

As a Jew who deals with the Russian mafia, I can tell Midwest Christians that Donald Trump and Mike Pence really uphold your values.

Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen
Under Investigation for Tax Fraud

Wall Street Journal, by Nicole Hong    Original Article
The legal pressures facing Michael Cohen are growing in a wide-ranging investigation of his personal business affairs and his work on behalf of his former client, President Trump. In previously unreported developments, federal prosecutors in New York are examining whether Mr. Cohen committed tax fraud, people familiar with the investigation said. Federal authorities are assessing whether Mr. Cohen’s income from his taxi-medallion business was underreported in federal tax returns, one of the people said. That income included hundreds of thousands of dollars received in cash and other payments over the last five years, the person said. Prosecutors also are looking into whether any

The common denominator is all of this is people who associate with Trump are all tight asses who make Jews look generous. I know this as the myriad of rich people on this blog who don't donate what they can as they make up the damnedest excuses, damned as in hell, yes for their lies, but at least they are not going  to jail like Donald Trump's associates who all have problems with that Trump cheapness.

It is even like Donald Trump, cheating on his wife with Stormy and Bubbles. I mean who nails old tramps when you can get your own Ivanka blow up doll.

Sex robots: Could Ivanka Trump cyborgs sweep the globe ...

LIKELIFE sex robots created in the image of US first daughter Ivanka Trump could be ... Could Ivanka Trump cyborgs sweep ... (also love doll or blow up doll) ...

I mean a father gets caught with his own blow up doll, he can always say it was a life raft as he was worried about Biblical flooding. Any wife would believe that and you never hear of blow up dolls having to be paid off like Storms and Bubs.

I'm Donald Trump and I bring tactless and tawdry wherever I go


I mean Frank Sinatra nailed at least one new whore a night and you never heard  about him getting stinky cock. What Donald Trump needs is a better grade of whore. He needs to fuck Jew whores, because they all work for Mosaad and all the Jews require is him stealing Syrian oil for them or bombing Muslims, and as the Kushner's already have Donald John doing that, it will be like a free fuck, which is what all of these associates seem to want is money for nothing and chicks for free.

Dire Straits - Money For Nothing music video (Good quality ...

Great Dire Straits song. =====Check below for more: ===== "Money for Nothing" is a song recorded by British group Dire Straits, which first appeared on their...

The Lame Cherry is pleased to be able to help in this for all the associate of  Donald Trump who want something for nothing and to steal from those who seem to be infected with the Trump brand of cheap and tawdry.

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