Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Thee Amazing Sebastian Kurz of the European Super State

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Chancellor Sebastian Kurz continues to amaze with his leadership in expanding European influence and security as his leadership is not waiting for external policing of Africa in 2020, but is readily expanding into Africa to stop the invasion of Europe.

EU plans to deploy 10,000 border police to protect EU ...

The European Union plans to secure its external border by setting up a standing corps of 10,000 border guards by 2020 and a European border police force, the EU migration commissioner told reporters Thursday after a meeting of EU interior ministers.

There has not been an extension of this type of European power into Africa since Carthage. It is a world changing series of events which thee Americans in their Trumpcentric view of the world has missed as the President engages in trade wars and loses to the Europeans who sign major deals with Japan.

Italy Seeks to Deploy Police in Tunisia to Stem Tide of ... - VOA

Straight Talk Africa ... of refugees and says it wants to deploy police to Tunisia to ... Maroni says Europe is not doing anything to help stop ...

I am not going to place a great deal of explanation on this, except to state that this is brilliant as Africans are resisting concentration camps for the return of invaders, so the Europeans under Colonial Law have right to deploy a police force into Africa.
This in turn is causing riots among the natives who are attack the police units. This of course will allow for the United European Army to deploy in North Africa for European protection and interests. The end result will of course be a Spanish, Italian, French control over North Africa and the reality of taking possession of Libyan oil, which would be of strategic concern for a European Superpower.

Austria deploys police and troops for immigration exercise on ...

SPIELFELD, Austria (Reuters) - Austria deployed police, soldiers and Black Hawk military helicopters on Tuesday in an exercise, overseen by the far-right interior minister, which

It would only be hoped that the Austrians would annex enough of German interests in Bavaria and other regions so that the German colonial interests in Tanganyika would return to Deutsch oversight in freeing the continent from the shambles of British American and now Chinese exploitation.

Sebastian Kurz is leading the European Super  State and is correctly making the moves to secure North Africa as the traditional mandate of the European Peoples.

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