Tuesday, August 7, 2018

HAARP: Chimney Effect

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In studying the artificial heating of the atmosphere by HAARP waves, I happened upon something which I believe is either an evolution of HAARP or an insight to how the heating of the atmosphere actually is manifested.

Most of you have watched eagles, hawks, vultures or pelicans ride morning or afternoon thermals to rise to heights which are specks in the sky. On our walks TL and I watch pelicans  cruise the skies, and the moment one of them finds an updraft, as gliders seek out, they all come for miles and start circling that shaft of rising air like as swarm.
The point in this is these rising current are not numerous, but glitches as they move around each day, depending on weather front, time of day or the lay of the land.

That is why when I started noticing something odd in cloud banks which were SQUARED OFF on one end this past month, that I began assessing the geometric character of HAARP, as it is not normal for thunderstorms to be squared on the end in a 90 degree angle. No more than it is normal in something I have been witnessing every day for the past three days in what I term the HAARP chimney effect.

Jeff Rense has featured HAARP and contrails from it's manifestation and the pictures of the grids of contrails has left a conclusion that the heating is like a blanket. The thing is what the Lame Cherry has discovered and I include the photographic evidence of Day #3, is I have been witnessing what would be akin to peg board heating of the atmosphere in what I would estimate 100 mile lines of clouds.

What is unique about these cloud structures in a line is that each one is a thermal air current which soaring birds seek out. There are at least a dozen of them in most cases, and it is simply bizarre to watch these things tower up from a single puffy cloud.

Time and again they shoot vertically several thousand feet. They produce no rain, no wind, nothing, except this chimney effect. As I have stated if this was just one cloud, that would be a typical summer updraft of air currents in instability in the atmosphere, but in the photograph below in this frame alone there are six chimneys which have formed in a line.

The blessed thing is these things do not go anywhere. They just manifest, disappear and then reappear in the exact same positions, which any stationary front to create them. As I did a radar check on them, these formations were exactly as I have noted, they appear and simply vanish, and more to the point this group was moving southwest which is not what normal weather manifests in North America as rain does not move west, but easterly.

In this, what I believe the discovery is,  and what this indicates is HAARP in this phase heats specific parts of the atmosphere in a line, like a peg board, leaving other areas cooler. This does not generate rain or storm, so what this blocking effect or shield is engaged in, in missile defense is something HAARP only knows. There is a chimney effect in this though and it does indeed exist.

I would have liked to have had the first lines of these chimneys appearing as by the third day they were more organized, but the results were always the same, in they do not move, they do not generate any weather and they just reappear in the same location, although this group began north south, then shifted northwest to southeast, and then shifted back to north south in their lines in the above photos.

I told TL last night on a drive that one looked like a circus elephant standing on it's hind legs and it did  but in all of these manifestations on a greater scale I have noted that there  are the same huge blocking fronts in various parts of the United States set up, which were equal to last winter, when the conclusion was the weather was designed to keep nuclear fall out in expendable human areas so the pretty people in large metro areas would remain alive like rats in a cage.

It simply is the continued work which continues on as I was thinking in firing up the system here that I don't do anything but write on this blog and am always working looking for content which no one else will carry or ever notice as the Mockingbird will not allow.

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