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How to start an Iranian Nuclear War

Another war brought to you by Rothschild Inc. for their Queen

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Most of you dimwits have no idea what this blog delivers to you in information, so when it is posted that Laranjani who confessed that Iran had a major role in 9 11, and then threatened the United States, so Donald John threatened him back on Twitter, is an MI6 agent, whose main purpose is to start a major war with Russia, you think it is too far fetched.

As I have stated you are dimwit deadbeat non donors, so infuse this information into your depleted grey cells.

Ruhollah Khomeini - Wikipedia

Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini; ... when the Shah fled abroad while American CIA and British intelligence organized a coup d'état to overthrow his nationalist ...

Did you know that MI6 overthrew the US ally, the Shah of Iran? Did you know that Iran is ruled by Islamocommunists who are Baathists? Did you know this gem that Ayatholla Khomeini, was a British MI6 agent?

More importantly did you know Khomeini was a British fathered, Indian?

Khomeini's old man was adventurer: William Williamson.

Victorian Englishman born in 1872, William Richard Williamson, who attended Clifton's preparatory school and found the discipline so distasteful that he ran off to sea as a young teenager. He sailed around on British merchant ships, hated that too, and roamed around the U.S. as a cowboy, miner, actor and the like, then roamed the world finding odd jobs from the Philippines to the Persian Gulf. In the 1890s, Williamson fetched up in Arabia and settled there. He went thoroughly native, wore local garb, converted to Islam, married two wives in the Islamic way and produced 13 offspring. The review quotes the book: "His exploits make him a legendary figure among the Arabs. His career as a desert fighter and camel dealer in Arabia, leader of expeditions in the wilds of Oman, pearler in the Persian Gulf, secret agent of Iraq, and representative of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, is remarkable, judged by any standard." Williamson undertook the haj to Mecca several times, and Arabs knew him as Haji Abdullah al-Zobair. 

Yes this is the original Haji, of the Anglo Iranian Oil Company, who the Americans under Kermit Roosevelt stole the assets from by installing the Shah of Iran.

We now visit part two of this in:

The story begins with Haji Williamson's Kashmiri wife. The official story goes that Khomeini's mother was said to be a Muslim of Indian descent. Of his father the official details are foggy but indicate a Persian Muslim living in Kashmir--where Williamson often stayed. Williamson was a devout Muslim and educated his kids in religious Shiite schools under top ayatollahs. "Two of them," says the article, "Hindizadeh (meaning Indian born) and Passandieh (meaning pleasing or approved) studied well and eventually became ayatollahs in their own right. The third boy, a troublesome young man, failed to make his mark in Najaf and went to the holy city of Qom and studied under Ayatollah Boroujerdi. When family names became a requirement by law under the rule of Reza Shah (the Shah's father) the young man chose the city of his residence (Qom or Khom) and took on the name of Khomeini."

So Iran and all of the terrorism and wars which resulted in the Mideast was all MI6 Rothschild generated as London was driving the United States from oil control. Zbigniew Brzezinski signed onto this for militant Islam, as he wanted terrorists to fight the Russians, but that pissed up as all things democrat did in the terrorist were turned by Moscow and started murdering Americans.

So that brings us back to the coming Trump Great Middle East War, where America will be humiliated as Trump goes Sunni whole hog against the Iranian Shia oasis of MI6 terrorism. This is all designed by the globalist order to have America fight a war with Russia, and most likely China, so all three will be crippled, and London thinks she will be the banker to the world again.

MI6 controls Tehran and if you wonder how in the hell Mosaad and the Jews keep having all this control over "evil" Iran in knowing exactly what is taking place there, here is this gem of a revelation:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was born into a Jewish family appeared in the Daily Telegraph last week. His identity card, which he had proudly displayed to press cameras during the last election, when closely examined revealed his original family name as "Sabourjian"--meaning someone in the schmatte trade and usually denoting Jewish roots, because it refers specifically to the weaving of Jewish religious garments. A number of commentators felt that Ahmadinejad's fierce anti-Israeli sentiments now made sense. His father had converted to Islam in order to marry his Muslim mother and the son grew up with the zeal of a convert.

Yupper, you got British communists running things in Jew converts in power in Iran and all of them want the United States to get the stuffing kicked out of it, so they can all grab the couscous and not share all that wealth and start dictating terms again.

There are operations already engaged in this, to start this war. Iran has been bombing Saudi supertankers to notch this up, and it is a reality that MI6 just like they meddled in US 2016 elections, will cause another event to get a very willing Donald John into the fight.

Saudi Arabia WAR THREAT: Oil tankers BOMBED – Saudis BAN exports through Red Sea straits

This then is intended to trigger Russia to defend her ally in Iran and as push comes to shove, humiliate the United States so Europe can rule the Obama communist in the desert sands.

See what I said about dimwits.

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