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Russian American History was Cooperation not Collusion

Hubert let's crash this champagne stuff and get out Boar Hunting

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If not for the tidbits of information from Dr. Edgar Bergman, personal physician and friend of Vice President Hubert Humphrey, the world would not be aware of what the real history was in this world, as on page 128 of the memoirs of Bergman, he states that Humphrey was in Sweden, staying at the personal retreat of Prime Minister Olaf Palme for two days of boating, feasting and talking at the Swedish Summer White House, that the next line reveals a most fascinating reality.

Prior to this Humphrey had gone wild boar hunting with Leonid Brezhnev or Brejnev at his hunting lodge outside of Moscow.

This is quite stunning as Americans of that era were told from the 1950's onward that Russia was our enemy, ready to nuke Americans for any cold potato reason, and here it was in the 1960's that Vice President Hubert Humphrey was in Moscow boar hunting with the most powerful man in the Soviet Union.

In attempting to find anything about this hunt, I instead discovered on a Time paid subscription site that Henry Kissinger in 1972 AD in the year of our Lord was off in Moscow hunting with Brezhnev too at the height of Watergate, as a guest of the communists.


On May 4, 1973, only four days after H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman resigned as part of President Nixon's effort to put Watergate behind him, I was airborne for Moscow. At that time, Soviet-American relations were unusually free of tension. A summit between Leonid Brezhnev and Richard Nixon was to take place in June on American soil; my few days in the Soviet Union in May were to prepare for it. On this trip I had a glimpse of Brezhnev that intrigues me to this day when I reflect on whether there can ever be a stable coexistence between the..

While I could not locate any photos of Humphrey and Brezhnev killing boars, I did locate an entire series of Kissinger and Brezhnev hunting together. I know you would never have believed it, but look at this first one in Kissinger is all mountain man sexy in sporting a Miami Vice, Don Johnson beard. Henry really had it all going on in the Russian primeval forests.

Sexy bearded Henry Kissinger in quest of Forest Pork

Kissinger in the next photo is sporting what looks like a Mao costume off 5th Avenue. Who knew that Henry Kissinger was  a gunslinging hunting fool just like the Russians and none of us had anything to fear from the Soviet nukes.

Yes Leonid I could get used to this life

The thing is about this, is we are never told these facts, and that infuriates me, as people of that era thought they were going to die any second, and the facts are the American leaders were all walking the great Russian woods with the Soviets and having a grande time.


The Porktacula Event!!!

And here is the pig they killed, and it is a good sized one, with Kissinger looking on as the proud hunter.


Putin hunting in a fine Russian Tradition

I even found one of Tito from Yugoslavia, sitting in a tree blind while Brezhnev was instructing him on the finer arts of hunting.


I'll flush the boar by you and you jump down and knife it...

 Brezhnev took his hunting serious, as examine this photo, as it appears he has a beautiful German double, with double set triggers, regulated for a scope and look at the scrolling on his gun holster and belt, which is of western configuration.

That boar is Russian Bacon come morning.

Brezhnev entertained in the finest of European traditions, in this spread in the forest is fit for a king. This attention to detail reveals what a love he had for the great outdoors, which honestly surpasses Vladimir Putin.
He even topped his hat with a sprig of evergreen. Brezhnev was quite the poetic soul.


I tell you that shot was 727 meters as I stepped it off!!!

I really like Brezhnev now as you just have to love a duck hunter with a brace of greenheads  from the wetlands of Russia.


Why don't thee Americans ever invite me hunting?

Hell the Cold War could have been solved by Nash  Buckingham.

The damn thing is, is that Brezhnev even offered to help his hunting friend Hubert Humphrey become President, but Humphrey being honest turned him down. Don't think that Brezhnev offered just anyone help, as in this photo of him sitting down with Castro, Fidel got to sit in the woods, but Fidel did not get invited to go on a hunt.


 Sorry Fidel, you wouldn't understand hunting like the Americans do.

So you understand the essence of this in 1968, the communists offered democrat Hubert Humphrey money, but Humphrey turned them down. This was revealed during Bill Clinton's tenure at 1600 Penn in 1995 AD in the year of our Lord, as he was taking money from foreigners from Obama Indonesia and from the Chicoms, but all of this has been passed over, and yet here is the smoking gun on Soviet election influence and no one has said a word about it.

So fearful was the Kremlin of a presidency by stridently anti-communist Richard Nixon that it tried to influence the 1968 election by offering money to Nixon's Democratic rival, according to a former Soviet ambassador.
Anatoly Dobrynin, who served 24 years as Moscow's man in Washington, says in his memoirs, "In Confidence," that he "did my utmost" to talk his Moscow bosses out of trying to help Democrat Hubert Humphrey, but to no avail.Humphrey declined the offer. It would have been illegal to accept foreign money, and Humphrey's candidacy would have been destroyed if word leaked out that Moscow was in his corner. Nothing was ever said about it again, Dobrynin writes.

For those who forget, Jimmy Carter begged Moscow for help in 1980 to get him re elected, but the Soviets shut the door in that idiot's face as they wanted nothing to do with Jimmy Carter. Carter also was never invited on a Russian hunting trip.

 Hell Teddy Kennedy never got to go pig hunting either, but like Carter he was busy begging Russians for help to defeat Reagan.

Ted Kennedy's Secret Appeal to Russia to Hurt Reagan

... year's election has for President-elect ... President Jimmy Carter in the 1980 ... top Soviet leader. He said Kennedy blamed Carter for ... 

Again the Russians told Kennedy to pound sand like they did Jimmy Carter.

So now we have a fuller understanding in how Americans have been lied to. When they were told they were going to be nuked by Russia, their leaders were out hunting with the Premier. When liberals like Kennedy and Carter got into trouble, they begged Russia for help, just like Hillary Clinton did along with flexible Obama.

With all of this comradeship  going on I hope that Vladmir Putin reads this and invites me to go hunting big European grouse hunting as I would like to bag a half dozen of them, a few to eat in Russia in the forest, and a few to bring home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, smoked up right for TL and I.
If Mr. Putin wants to throw in a few Russian hunting Irish Setters, I would be most receptive to this offer too as when Hubert Humphrey and Henry Kissinger can go pork hunting at the height of nuclear cold war, then I certainly am above Robert Mueller witch hunt reproach in carrying on this fine tradition.


I want to go to America and hunt with La'me Cherry

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