Friday, August 10, 2018

When they came from Alex Jones.........who was they?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I smell a rat in this Alex Jones drama of censorship which has been manifesting for some time. The rat first in this is no one gave a damn when Facebook put my account in limbo in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord and no one gave a Congressional investigative damn in how Homeland was sent to the Brier Patch on an FBI wild goose chase over a story which Homeland knew was a wild goose chase, and appeared to be nothing but an Obama deep state method of intimidating the last independent journalist in America.

So suddenly before the 2018 midterms, the vanished Alex Jones who was used by Donald Trump and discarded as have been all Trump supporters, to even Mike Cernovich and Gayway Pundt who got gee whiz press passes to the White House as they pay off, Alex Jones like all of that Infowars Jewish funded drama is suddenly pulled down wholesale as an issue to rev up the voters.

It is quite viable really as it shuts Jones down in his right wing support of the GOP embedded by the Gay Matt Drudge, while being an issue that Trump can  rail about. Censorship of your right wing you are shutting down and an issue where you are the talking point, is pretty good politics for the neo Trump Sodomite Socialist Party.

Of course this is a bad situation, as the internet must remain free, but his brings in coming regulations to "protect" and where there is protection there is always Big Brother police state arresting you while allowing the CIA molotov mob to throw the cocktails.

Liberals are already stating this will backfire and it will. The IRS, meaning you, just got tagged  for millions of dollars in censorship of Tea Party groups under Obama. The same issue will manifest here, but strangely I will not be receiving millions of dollars for being terrorized nor will the Lame Cherry get it's Facebook page back which is being held hostage by the NSA deep state.

We can all lament like Alex Jones, but this pogrom of White Americans is in full swing and is just another political hammer to exploit and once exploited you will not get anything more out of this, than Donald Trump provided you the past almost 2 years while Obama marxism cemented itself into America, instead of being purged.

I barely receive any donations any more, except from the few who actually care. Few want the Truth and none of the rich people care enough about poor people shelling out money to do what is right. So you get this Alex Jones theater.

We need to ask in this, in who was this that got NSA orders in the big social media to unload as they did, as this is all deep state funded. Why did Alex Jones go silent for the past two years and why does Donald Trump not have one thing to say about any of this. Odd that there is such quiet from such a vocal President.

Think about it.

I would say that Jeff Rense built his own network and is doing what he always has done.

Across the board in what appears to be a highly-coordinated effort to silence the message behind Infowars and Alex Jones, most major social media, backbone utilities associated with our web site and video platforms have launched unprecedented account bans and suspensions on virtually all of our channels.
Regardless of what you think of me, and what you have heard indirectly through third-party sources, you are clearly witnessing a 21st century purge of an ideology.
And even if you don’t agree with our message that everyone should exercise their right to question the status quo, you should be very concerned about what’s happening.
Because this ideology that is now under attack is the same ideology that played a pivotal role in founding this great nation: challenging the establishment systems with independent ideas that encourage new debates and discussions.
For more than a year, we have witnessed the mainstream news media and Democratic groups tell us that the manipulation of social media could turn an election.
By their own admission, social media would be the most viable option to alter the course of the nation, influence millions of people, and shut down free speech and personal expression that questions the status quo.
We have been told that one of the greatest threats to our democracy is the manipulation of the information that we receive on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
Now, these same groups that have been telling us that free speech must be defended against those who seek to control it on our news feeds, have launched a full-scale war on the free speech and information that they disagree with.
There is no question that large social media companies have become the nation’s premiere source of information, referring hundreds of millions to news and information.
Although these groups are private entities, their scale has achieved them a monopoly on the free flow of information.
Much like the FCC rules that the airwaves and cable should be equally accessible to all in the public trust, these modes of communication should be equally open to the same access, and not subject to control by those who may choose to disagree with the information itself. Is a different opinion enough to silence an entire ideology?
I do not claim to always be right. But the accusations leveled at me are distortions of the truth and have been used systematically to impeach my character.
But this coordinated action by the establishment to silence me has only awakened a new resolve in those who now see more clearly than ever how the establishment systems will go to any length to shut down free speech and information that questions the status quo.
This is a turning point for our nation. Will you rally behind the principles of free speech, or will you concede to having your ability to access new ideas and information restricted and controlled by those who believe you cannot think for yourself?
If we allow this level of censorship to continue, how long before it becomes normalized?
How long before it’s not Alex Jones and Infowars being shut down on major platforms, but any ideology that disagrees with the establishment status quo? We must rally behind the principles that founded this great nation, and not allow deep censorship to become normalized and accepted.