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The Trump Course

Yes America is locked behind that gate over there.........

 As another Lame Cherry exclusive  in matter anti matter.

 The Lame Cherry is going to address something which needs to be addressed, and the fact is that the Conservative press led by Liberty Daily is letting Donald Trump down, by being far too Trump Clapper in this era of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Readers have learned that the Lame Cherry by God's  Inspiration is proven right time and again in the long run in what posts here, and when this blog is calling out the President for not keeping his promises to help Americans, while we are told everything is happy days are here again, is nothing but Obama propaganda and will lead to the exile of the Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman Conservative agenda to never rise again to liberate Americans or to MAGA.

God puts books in my path for a reason, and in this series of  August you will be reading about Vice President Hubert Humphrey, a liberal leader upon which America is now based in everything from Medicaid to the War on Poverty.
Hubert Humphrey until liberals turned on him in ignorance, I repeat it was democrats who scapegoated him on Vietnam, was as much beloved by Americans and the world, as Donald Trump is reviled. I desire in this teaching lesson for the President to get his head out of his Twitter arse to listen to the wisdom of Hubert Humphrey when it came to politics, for the reality is the 2016 WWE events or Twitter rampages of Trump are history and no one cares what he says. People want their payoff from Trump that Gary Cohn cheated them out of in that tax bill for the rich, and if people do not get that payoff, they are going to go somewhere else and Donald  Trump will be finished.

That is not to state that I do not believe the DIA will not steal the next election for Donald Trump, as his mission is to marginalize the Republican party and form a new Trump party as Webster Griffin Tarpley stated on the Jeff Rense Program which is Hillary Clinton's mission. If you watch this closely, the  Conservative are all being wiped out by Trump picks, and his choices are these obscure  candidates who are his people, or he helps elect democrats to keep the Conservatives out of office.
That is a fact in this and the right wing in America is feeling great angst over what is taking place in they are unsettled and displeased how things Trump and John Kelly have engineered to neutralize what the voters want in a return to Ronald Reagan.

I will post the political wisdom of Vice President Humphrey and ponder what he says and what his focus is, because Donald Trump is flat ass either deliberately not doing this or he is flat ass missing in his ignorance how to establish a Trump legacy.

The words of Hubert Humphrey:

"I don't know if its the blood of my Viking ancestors or my glands, but I'm always happiest in strange places meeting new people.
I don't care if it's in Paris,Texas or Paris, France, it's a rare that I don't learn something that helps me know people. If a political figure doesn't get out and see people where they live and work, he can't know their problems. You can't know them by reading National Geographic or a CIA report. And if you don't know their problems, you can't help them; and if you can help them, you might as well be back on your own front porch in a rocking chair. Besides it's more fun on the go".

I want each of you to answer two questions honestly.

Has Donald Trump done anything to help you?

Do you think Donald Trump cares about you?

Do you think Donald Trump would ever want to talk to you?

I can answer the above without sour grapes in all which was accomplished from this blog to place Donald Trump as President, that Donald Trump has done nothing to make my life better. Donald Trump does not care a thing about me, and, Donald Trump if it was a state fair could care less if he ever spoke to me.

Millions of Americans have this same education now from Twitter Don, as  they placed all their trust in him, and he either deliberately derailed his promised agenda or is incapable of delivering it. I believe it is the first as you hear NOTHING from this President in keeping his word about Obamacare or stopping the invasion of America. All you get are these bogus jobs reports, bogus economic GDP and Donald Trump focusing on the NFL which no one cares about with that plantation negro of the NBA in LeBron James who looks more the Neanderthal every photo.

If you look at Hubert Humphrey, he genuinely loved People, all people. He was endlessly trying to help some constituent in Minnesota with a personal problem and woe to the staff who let anyone down in not helping them, because Humphrey was a child of South Dakota, the Great Depression where the bank foreclosed on his dad's business and house, and took the next year 100 dollars Hubert had saved in the bank from delivering papers in Doland South Dakota. That caring translated to Blacks and Chicanos who were on the national stage, and to Vietnamese on the international scene.
Hubert Humphrey in going to Cold War Soviet Union would  stand in the subways and banter with Russians in their problems and listen to every word, until every one of them had their say. In a nuclear world, Russians knew they had someone who was listening to them in the White House or US Senate, because Hubert Humphrey proved he cared.

The course of Donald Trump has been nothing but the Golf Course. When was the last time he was not an Obama having some jigaboo party behind the White House  fences, keeping Americans out? When does Donald Trump ever sit down with real Americans who unlike the photo below of his million dollar children, never will sit in a luxury Trump resort?

Hubert Humphrey was wealthy enough, but wealth never corrupted him, as it did  other democrats like socialist George McGovern and Walter Mondale who soon were wearing tailored suits and forgot about the people who drink beer and eat brats.

The photo below is Donald Trump's America, where he has armed guards and high fences which keep the rest of America out of the dream, because they have it and will never share.

I am not saying that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden or any of those other frauds who are still milking Humphrey policies of "caring" are any different, what this is about is Donald Trump has destroyed the connection with the people, and it was deliberate, and he has absolutely no interest in repairing that breach.

 Trump and the Trumplings Living it up in Luxury

Here is another Trump course, on the Golf Course with locked gates and security keeping Americans out, in a several course dinner in which a real American will never be invited singularly or in a group, because Donald Trump only has time to sit down with billionaires of the Nazi Conglomerates whose entire enabled  purpose now is bringing in Visa Vermin to genocide Americans in taking those jobs in the American slave labor market.



 Trump with the Nazi Conglomerates

Donald Trump hosts Indra Nooyi, Ajay Banga among top corporate leaders for dinner at private golf course

I am not stating that a leader does not have to grab the head of corporations to implement policy to help the body politic and to break bread with the elite as it is necessary, but it is equally necessary to stop people from chopping up the Trump Hollywood Star and  to stop a civil war, that the majority of people believe in their hearts that their President and politicians actually cares about them, and they know this, because it is not their whoremongering son Don jr out with a whore with whoremonger Dinesh D"Souza spouting a message no on cares or the daughter in law destroying Greyhounds in Florida as a cause celeb in stopping racing there, as real people only see these things as further alienation  that Trump Brand simply has no idea in their New York Valued world of what real Americans are dealing with.
Hubert Humphrey did understand this as did President Ronald Reagan.

Everything Americans are seeing is Donald Trump does not care to meet them at their jobs and in their lives and more to the point, Donald Trump locks them out of his expensive golf courses, while he lavishes dinner and time on only the 1% who he cares about, as that is what every policy he has initiated from selling Big Oil to Europe robbing Americans, keeping Obamacare on the books robbing Americans with rationed death, flooding America with Homeland Visa Vermin robbing Americans of jobs and signing tax laws which benefit Wall Street as it robs Americans of their regressive wages, as Trumpflation plagues Americans  to their great hurt.

This is posted as the remedy for President Donald Trump to prove he is genuine from 2016 AD in the year of our Lord and cares about Americans. He either makes constant contact in bringing people in behind his locked gates or he goes out and meets with people for hours in their own gatherings, and Americans begin seeing the payoff they voted for, instead of the horseshit excuses they always hear of "wait for it till after the next election".

As Donald Trump is paying off the DIA and Pentajew, I do not foresee anything but his re election in 2020 to cement in Obama Marxism which this has been all about, so the issue is not some cliffhanger of will Donald Trump remain in the White House or if more of these frauds in Congress will be installed to marginalize Christian Conservatives, as the frauds in the court give cover to running out the clock and wearing down the American people. The issue in this is as it always has been for this blog is keeping Americans from eating nuclear warheads and making sure that Americans are not wiped out of their own nation, so they can enjoy the blessing of liberty as the Constitution promises. That is what this blog posts for and as most of you are too dense to donate or figure out the mission is for you and not to Trump Clap your not receiving what you voted for to your hurt, it requires being stated as Donald Trump is no Hubert Humphrey and he is not any Ronald Reagan. None of his policies help the poor or working Americans and it is only this blog which is pointing this out, and it is now the reality that as Hubert Humphrey laid out what a politician must engage in to prove to the people they care, it is the way mark now on the Trump Presidency if they start meeting with real people and start handing out the payoffs or if it is just the billionaire nation rapists who get to sit at the table for the next Trump course.

GOP grumbles as Donald Trump reshapes midterm campaigns

If you don't want a leader who cares about you, who will listen to you, who will never help you, then disregard the above as this is what Team Trump has been all about in this stage show since you elected him.

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