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Why is Donald Trump not implementing the Kurz Model

Ich habe Europa und morgen die Welt gerettet

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Americans is not this exactly what you voted for in November 2016 AD in the year of our Lord and been languishing as Donald Trump seems to have forgotten his promises?

Austria doubles down on benefit cuts for foreigners | Reuters

Austria's right wing coalition government on Monday doubled down on plans to cut benefits for foreigners including refugees, ... Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's ...

Donald Trump in 2016 AD in the year of  our Lord in David John Oates reversals on the Rense Program, revealed in the opening of his Scottish golf course that he knew his children were all sub par and not up to the task of running Trump industries.
In that reality, that is one of the most perplexing of realities in Trump having thin skin in his not having embraced his Political Son in Europe in Sebastian Kruz, the Chancellor of Austria. Instead Mr. Trump snubbed this super power leader on the rise in  the Putin Summit, as Sebastian Kurz has paved the Trumpian Way in Europe in now helping elect Nationalist leaders in Hungary, Spain, Italy and doing his utmost to put out to pasture the faggot of France Macron, the mad cow of Germany in Merkel and  that shemale of London in Theresa May.
Sebastian Kurz is the greatest reformist in Europe since Martin Luther. That is a fact.

It is in this, that even the Lame Cherry was not Inspired to come up with this solution which is absolutely Kurz genius in dealing with migrants and invaders. Chancellor Kurz moved for people as in Hungary who came to Austria for work, would not receive social welfare in Austria's elevated standards, but instead would receive the welfare of Hungary. Imaging for a moment if Donald Trump with his millions of Visa Vermin and 1.5 million "immigrants" he keeps pouring into America had moved those frauds Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to limit Mexicans to Mexican welfare, Indians to Indian welfare and Chinese to Chicom welfare, all  by the good offices of Mike Pence, as we  were all told that Mike Pence would  move through the Trump Agenda, which became the Gary Cohn rapine for Goldman Sachs and Mike Pence simply vanished again, except in trying to start nuclear war with  Russia again.

This is what Sebastian Kurz genius was and the effects were immediate, as Hungarians immediately stopped coming into Austria and  instead began looking for work in Romania. Think of how easy it would be to cut the US deficit if Donald Trump had just embraced Sebastian Kurz and listened to this genius' remedies for dealing with invasion workers.

Chancellor Kurz had no legal challenges. There were not any Congressional stalling. All there was was Austria's borders secure, jobs for Austrians secure, and the workers who came in, did not profit off of  Austria, but were limited to there same welfare assistance as in Hungary.

If Donald  Trump was interested in real leadership to deal with his legalized Visa Vermin taking American jobs, he would immediately engage in a Quid Pro Quo Welfare, where  all of these foreigners would be limited  to the welfare assistance of their nations. It would shave billions off of America  welfare and allow for benefits for Americans who really need assistance.

Odd is it not that you never hear this from Donald  Trump, Mike Pence or any of the Trump appointees. There are zero reforms as these foreigners are  brought in to sell houses to, cars to, phones to and Walmart clothes to, that these nazi conglomerates profit off of, as they burn Big Oil gas and eat Monsanto foods, all to their trillion dollar profits that you are being taxed for to pay.

Would it not be an amazing thing in Chancellor Kurz solutions for Austria where  he  has border patrol, but does not need a Trump wall that Trump never had any intention of building and what is the use, as Trump and John Kelly legalized  all these slave workers for importation, that when the welfare handouts are just equalized to the foreigners home nation, the foreigners disappear that are the deadbeats and only the few who want to work actually appear.

The fact is now, the greatest political leader in the world is Vladimir Putin of Russia, and the greatest nationalist reformer in the world is Sebastian Kurz of Austria.  Donald Trump had his 18 months to prove he was a leader who kept his word, and now the tide of the world has swept by him as Chancellor Kurz has taken up the mantel and is setting the people of Europe free while protecting them from invasion and rape.
Donald Trump if he had simply kept Christians as his advisers and trusted in the Lord, would have eclipsed Putin and been the reformer for Europe. He  has failed and the present his sweeping him into the past as the wave for the future is lofting new names and faces to bring liberation to the people from the oppressors.

If only Donald Trump had embraced the 22nd century leader of Europe. He could now be taking credit for the events sweeping there. Instead all he got was crumbs in a trade deal as Japan got the cake in their deal with Europe.

If only Donald  Trump had been intelligent enough and advisers who were not ignorant, who could have saw what this blog did in Chancellor Kurz, and allowed this President to keep a  semblance of his word to voters, instead of the DIA reconstruction of Ameica to a failed socialist and communist led political parties as the Nationalist were marginalized further.

If only..........

There appears to be coming the time that the world will be speaking German as the diplomatic and business  language and the foolish Americans who learned Spanish and Chinese will have to embrace the language that Americans should have been speaking all along , Deutsch.

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