Sunday, August 12, 2018

Trump on a String

 Not the Bully Pulpit, but the Bully with Hog Pimps

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is embarrassing the power of this blog, as the NSA peers into the drafts to see what is about to be published and moves drones away from spying on me, in I begin posting what an Ivory Tower Elephant Donald John is, pointing out what a difference there is in a real Nationalist like Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Europe is among his people, and just like Donald in the Box, you have FOX blaring Trump meets with Supporters on the Sabbath and then BizPac is showing off Donald Trump with a bunch of grubby bikers.

Volkmeister Sebastian Kurz - Elitist Donald Trump


The Trump Course



 Please not to close skinhead as your plumes of sweat stink are peeling the paint

Look I have nothing in common with weird ass old people who have to validate themselves looking asphalt tough as their days of bouncing off the pavement from a crash would not leave enough smudge to donate to the hospital organ transplant team.

Yesterday I witnessed some of this trash in fat ugly women in nigger green t shirts riding around in sweat with a bunch of fat and disgusting males who I would never let in the house.

I mean this hog heaven was sweaty wet to begin with, God hosed them down, Trump invited them into the golf course, so you can imagine what perfumed body odor smelled like with the aura of their main food group of taco and beer. Am surprise the EPA toxic warnings did not go off and HAZMAT did not appear to save the President by putting him on oxygen.

It all comes down to the evidence in the Lame Cherry has valid political points, and when the Lame Cherry publishes, the President of the United States jumps like a Donald in the Box. You name anyone else who pulls Donald John's string and he jumps that high.

All I want is for the President to keep his PROMISES and pay off what he owes to the American voters who trusted him. Not these fat stinkers who got 10,000 dollars to spend on a cock extension with a motor as Harley has shipped the bikes all overseas as Donald's economy sucks chit.
Yes you never hear that in a story now from bikers do you as Trump Clappers.

The story is though the effectiveness of this blog for you, you non donating deadbeats. This White House propaganda team had to let in more rich stinking fat people to try and prove that Donald Trump is like Sebastian Kurz.
The difference is Sebastian Kurz's people do not have emotional issues of small peckers and need an engine sized vibrator between their nethers to get off.


Who do you think is presenting the most wholesome and politically inviting reality. Sebastian Kurz with the future in smiling families or bully bikers?

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