Sunday, August 12, 2018

Volkmeister Sebastian Kurz - Elitist Donald Trump

 Sebastian Kurz, Volkmeister to all Europeans

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you know what Sebastian Kurz does when he goes on "vacation" in Croatia? He works to protect Europe from Trump tariffs.
Do you know what Chancellor Sebastian Kurz does endlessly in Europe? The Chancellor is out among the volk, the common people hiking, and listening to their concerns to make their lives better.

The Lame Cherry will produce this photo essay to make the point of how the leader of Europe treats his people, and then you can assess how the leader of America treats his folk.

 Here is the Chancellor meeting a constituent in order to help her in his office.

Dogs love Chancellor Kurz.

Children genuinely beam with joy in meeting Chancellor Kurz as the educational staff is thrilled to have him with them to address their concerns.

This is Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in a sea of Austrians, completely safe, and the center of their adoration as he is a leader who cares about his volk, in being the Volkmeistser of Europe who they turn to and trust.

 Now for some photos of President Donald Trump on his vacation, behind locked gates, where only billionaires get to sit down in his multi millionaire resort and gain audience with him.

This is Trump Gauche in the worst Maralargo let them eat cake.


This is Donald Trump's table. No common working Americans are allowed. Their concerns are never heard, because they are never invited in, and the locked gates and armed guards by Donald Trump choice keep American from him.


Here is another billionaires meeting that Donald Trump is serving food to and you are paying for. Wait for the punchline in what Donald Trump promised these elitists as that promise will genocide each American reading this as this is now Trump official policy, and for a hint, Obama was engaged in the very same thing and Donald Trump vowed to stop it.

 On Tuesday evening, he welcomed more than a dozen CEOs, their spouses and staffers for an animated dinner that included frank discussions of trade, immigration and other issues.

Read the following quote and note the part in BOLD PRINT, as your concerns, needs and necessary wants did not even factor into what Donald Trump promised the nation rapists at his table.

John Catsimatidis, a billionaire businessman and radio host who owns a New York City supermarket chain and attended the CEO dinner, described Trump as in a "great mood" as he promoted the economy and fielded questions, including several on immigration. The president told those in attendance that he was considering signing an executive order to make it easier for top-performing foreign students to stay in the U.S. as well as for companies to hire the foreign workers they need.

"Whatever's needed in America, whether it's truck drivers or programmers, whatever's needed for American companies," Catsimatidis said Trump told him.
Did you get that? Did you get that Donald Trump is now going to replace truck drivers, computer programmers who can not program, keeping foreigners in America and more to the point bringing in more low wage foreigners to replace American workers, as it is the Nazi Conglomeratists the Socialism Conglomerates who are being given priority and not the 95 million Americans still out of work, as US businesses are still collapsing, debt is rising and Trumpflation is strangling American' future.

Now remember that sea of shining faces in the Austrian countryside surrounding Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, whose first actions allowed workers to increase their working from 30 hours a week so they could benefit from higher wages, his first action was to employ only Europeans, his first action was to stop foreign invasion, his first action was to shut off paying foreigners high Austrian welfare. This is what a leader working for his people from the bottom first and then the top looks like, and you can witness it in the beaming faces of his common people.

Compare the above Volkmeister Sebastian Kurz to President Donald Trump among his people.

It is still your right to Trump Clap all you desire in being deluded over Donald Trump factoring you into anything he does as a working American, sick American or retired American, because the reality is Donald Trump locks the doors to you and only invites in the very nation rapists enslaving you.
By comparison, Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor of Austria is non stop among the people of Europe. He is moving to protect and prosper them first, and there is no making any mistake in this, because the people can touch him, thank you and speak with him face to face, as Sebastian Kurz is a man of the people.

The day Donald Trump proves he is an advocate for Americans by meeting with them, listening to them and making it easier for Americans to obtain firearms easier, promote Christianity as the religion of America, get off of rationed death Obamacare, do not have to pay extortion prices on their own gasoline and can find a job where a foreigners nattering in majority in what should be American jobs, is the day this blog will gladly point that out. Until then, each of you look at what a real nationalist leader is, in the form of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz who is not phobic about meeting White working Citizens, as that is what Donald Trump promised each of us, and all he has done is meet with the slave masters while locking all of us out of MAGA.

Sebastian Kurz is MEGA, Making Europe Great Again. Donald Trump is MASSA, Making America a Slave State Again.

If you don't like the pictures, it is not my fault, as I am not the White House only serving the nation rapists.

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