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When the Right Wing Media Lies to You

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It never ceases to amaze me the absolute fake news which is generated on "right wing sites" in attacking ethanol production, protecting Americans from funding more Muslim terror oil, all for the Koch brothers ethanol monopoly or for Big Oil.
When Rush Limbaugh was trumpeting this fiction, it was saying ethanol cost a fortune, but when one actually researched the data, you soon discovered that in the price of the bushel of corn, was factored in the manufacturing of a ship to carry steel to a refinery to make it into a tractor and combine.

The biggest fake news fraud of all time is not linked to global warming, but to the ethanol propaganda. The main charge is now that ethanol reeks havoc with the atmosphere and soil, but if you bother to look at the talking points you run across the maybe, could be excuses.

an increase in acreage planted with soybeans and corn, with strong indications from observed changes in land use that some of this increase is a consequence of increased biofuel production,

Did you notice SOME OF THIS INCREASE is associated with biofuels, but not all. The fact is that genetic corn and soybeans have been engineered now to be grown in colder and drier regions, so as those crops produce a larger profit margin, farmers who used to only be able to grow wheat or grass, are planting corn. That is what the increase in planting is related to, not a changing of crops.

In another segment, the EPA reports that there is an increase in irrigation, so soil is depleted, etc.. etc... etc...
The problem in this is the Lame Cherry actually researched another government site that tracks irrigation, and here is what they report in US irrigation has in fact leveled off for the past 30 years. The EPA published another outright lie in this report.

Notice how after 1980 water use started to decrease a bit, possibly due to the Nation making more use of water-conservation measures.


The propaganda goes on to infer that algae blooms in Lake Erie increased due to toxic chemicals. Those "toxic chemicals" are also known as FERTILIZER. Fertilizer is not a toxic chemical, no more than salt or pepper is. But if one reads the report closely, the EPA focuses on Lake Erie, which is NOT in the corn belt and if one has intelligence, Lake Erie is NOT thee entire water reservoir of America. If you are intelligent you will ask why are the other Great Lakes not mentioned? It is because Lake Erie is a unique water system in it is SHALLOW and this algea bloom is unique to it.
There is not a fertilizer run off as the EPA claims, as in fact farming has changed in fertilizer is expensive, and farmers make a point to either inject the fertilizer so it does not run off, or till it in immediately.

These quotes refute the ethanol fertilizer connection:

"The results of our studies suggest that phosphorus trapped in lake sediments continues to be re-released into the lake for several years, feeding blooms year after year," remarked co-author Anna Michalak.

"It also explains why blooms have been getting bigger in recent years, even more so than we would have expected based on year-to-year changes in springtime loading alone," added Michalak.

For those who are not aware of history, Lake Erie was DEAD in 1970 from industrial pollutants dumped into the lake. The experts stated it would take generations to restore it. The lake came back in a decade. Those sediments in Lake Erie are still there and leaching out, including logically phosphorous. A shallow lake gets worked up by storms, current action and these natural elements and toxins reappear.
If you look though again at the EVIDENCE, the evidence states that less than half of the phosphorous comes from farming at 46%. Ask yourself why the 54% of the phosphorous which is the problem is not the EPA focus, and it is only farming?
It is because Big Oil wants to have a monopoly on your gas in selling you only gasoline, so they gain all the profits from the pump and not your rural farmers.

A Watershed Moment | Great Lakes at a Crossroads - Changes in ...

Agriculture is responsible for about 46% of the phosphorus dumped annually into the lower Fox ... dairy industry of ... Great Lakes WATER Institute ...

EPA Released A Long-Delayed Report Showing Ethanol Hurts The Environment

An extensive report from the Environmental Protection Agency found that including ethanol into the U.S. gas supply is wreaking havoc on the atmosphere and soil.
In a study titled “Biofuels and the Environment: The Second Triennial Report to Congress,” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that ethanol derived from corn and soybeans is causing serious harm to the environment. Water, soil and air quality were all found to be adversely affected by biofuel mandates.
“Evidence since enactment of [the Energy Independence and Security Act] suggests an increase in acreage planted with soybeans and corn, with strong indications from observed changes in land use that some of this increase is a consequence of increased biofuel production,” read a portion of the 159-page report.
The ethanol mandate has negatively effected water quality, with greater biofuel production resulting in more harmful algae blooms and hypoxia. While most algae is harmless to water, some forms — such as the kind produced in Lake Eerie from biofuel feedstock — has emitted toxic chemicals into the water. This harmful algae can consume the oxygen in the water, a process known as hypoxia, killing other wildlife.

Increased irrigation — fueled by growing demand for ethanol — has also taken a toll on the ground, with the report finding “grassland-to-annual-crop conversion negatively impacts soil quality because it increases erosion and the loss of soil nutrients.”
Essentially, the study found that biofuel mandates are boosting production of corn and soybeans. Large-scale production of these crops is causing environmental degradation. The EPA also found that — at least in some instances — using ethanol in lieu of gasoline resulted in worse air emissions.
“[A]ir quality modeling suggests that production and use of ethanol as fuel to displace gasoline is likely to increase such air pollutants as PM2.5, ozone, and SOx in some locations,” read a section of the report pertaining to air quality. While traditional gasoline contains more CO2, ethanol-based fuels have more nitrogen oxides (NOx), which can be more harmful to human health. NOx can exacerbate asthma by causing inflammation of the respiratory airwaves, with long-term exposure resulting in decreased lung function
The mandate in reference concerns the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), a 2005 law that requires oil refineries include a certain amount of ethanol in their fuel mix. The law was passed with the intention of aiding in climate change efforts. The RFS has proven to be controversial, with oil producers deriding the mandate as costly and unneeded. Corn growers, however, support the mandate as it drives demand for the product.

During his time leading the EPA, Scott Pruitt became an adversary of ethanol proponents after granting more RFS waivers and pushing for a rollback of the law altogether. It’s not immediately clear how the Trump administration will handle the RFS debate moving forward. Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler has suggested he will continue seeking changes to the mandate, but President Donald Trump told an Iowa crowd in July that the EPA may soon allow for more ethanol to be included in gas.
The EPA study, published on June 29, came after a long delay. Federal law calls for the EPA to conduct a study on the Renewable Fuel Standard every three years, but the government was four years late this go-around. The agency’s previous ethanol study was published in 2011.

Alright, the Lame Cherry has once again REFUTED this fake news, and the Daily Caller should be ashamed, as they know they are lying to everyone as does the EPA under Donal Trump. The Lame Cherry will give you one more little fact in this, and that is FISH FARMING is dumping tons of waste into the great lakes, and this has nothing to do with corn or soybean farming, as one of the sources of the increased sources of algae bloom which is being blamed on phosphorous.

Even on a small scale, the fish farms that some have proposed for Michigan’s waters would dump thousands of pounds of concentrated, phosphorus-laden fish waste directly into the Great Lakes.
A typical 200,000 fish operation creates as much waste as a city of 65,000 people. In ocean fish farms, tides flush away a large amount of that waste. In the Great Lakes, the vast majority will remain in coastal areas where Michigan families enjoy swimming, fishing and vacationing.
After a Canadian fish farm was closed due to dangerous levels of algae growth and oxygen depletion in nearby waters. Unsurprisingly, Canadian authorities have subsequently not issued any new permits for this type of operation in more than 20 years.

The Lame Cherry is about to really educate you in this one step further in fish shit contains phosphorous in huge amounts. Lake Erie has a huge supply of fish in it, so it just may be that in a shallow lake with fish shitting in it, that it is the fish killing the lake and not the farmers as Big Oil is lying to you about again.

Fish waste contains phosphorous. The nutrient is essential for any ecosystem, but too much leads to problems such as the ones experienced in Lake Erie, where excessive nutrients caused widespread algal blooms the past few summers and created enough toxins to make Toledo's drinking water unsafe last year.

Jason Hopkins is the "Energy Investigator" on DC. Apparently Mr. Hopkins investigative abilities do not include God's Inspiration, a Duck Duck Go search engine, and the ability to read information and comprehend it.

This blog toils away with nothing but deadbeat donors who steal content while these Mockingbird shills get the jobs and publish fake news aimed at crushing American farmers and at funding terror oil for more 9 11 attacks.
The Daily Caller deliberately lied to you for Big Oil to rob you and impoverish you more in the American Genocide. Unfortunately this blog is the only source left pointing out the lies and more unfortunately you rich deadbeats think none of this matters in thinking you are immune even when they come for you.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Oh one more thing, Donald Trump if he was being honest, would fire everyone at EPA who just produced this fraud report and the Daily Caller would fire their investigator if they were interested in the Truth.

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