Thursday, August 9, 2018

Who is the real threat.........Ukraine or Russia

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As Donald Trump just took 200 million dollars from your pockets and handed it over to Nazi's in Ukraine to threaten Russia, over failed Trump policy, I repeat 200 million dollars that could have paid for your kids schooling, your hospital bills for your parent or fixing your roads and Nazi's got your money, what would you think if a Nazi regime on your border had 44 million people, over 1 million armed soldiers and almost 4000 combat tanks.

And Russia gave them 200 million dollars to threaten you more. Would you feel threatened as they spent over 2 billion dollars to attack you per year?

With a population of 44.2 million, the military force of the Ukraine is impressive in its own right. The country is home to 1.2 million military personnel of which only 182,000 are active military. The country maintained a server of one million.
The Ukraine features an active airborne division that includes 188 fighter jets, alongside attack helicopters, transport craft, and trainer vehicles. The country’s ground support is much larger with a focus on 3,784 combat tanks and armored fighting vehicles alongside towed and self-propelled artillery. The country’s navy is nearly non-existent with only a handful of frigates, patrol craft, and mine warfare vessels and a single corvette warship. The military budget for the country is $2.07 billion.

I want you to get that point in maybe Russia is the one who should feel threatened by the Ukraine Nazi menace and that Vladimir Putin and Russia has been most restrained with that Soros and Trump American threat.

Again, why in hell is America sending 200 million more dollars, IN DEBT WE HAVE TO PAY, to Ukraine when they can afford over 2 billion dollars to threaten Russia?

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