Thursday, February 14, 2019

and what tomorrow brings

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When I was a child, I always wanted to live to be over 100 years old.  After the experience with my parents in God shutting off both their hearts as they were so heinous and the worst patients, I no longer have any such hope of old age.
I sit here and I can not think. I am tired of being cold. Tired of the endless attacks. It seems all the good people have their trials as Sandy is in need of prayers for healing for her eyes  and the Viking has the culture of two worlds in a wife who is helping with his mom and a sister who thinks she is being helpful by helping from afar.
I have siblings like that who always had suggestions after the fact. Yes tell me how to walk on the moon when I am already back on earth.

 LC and TL - Happy Vday!'

Just made a small donation - wish I could be that rich donor you are
looking for but as you indicated - rich liberals donate up the ying
yang- rich conservatives just hoard their pieces of silver. They won't
even tithe to the Bible preaching churches.

You are the only one providing the real news.  Trump and the rest of
the gop have done nothing for the Christians.  Is all a total farce -
I don't even vote anymore.  Why does it matter.  trump has turned out
to be as bad as jeb or hill - just a little more sneaky. we live in a
s hole liberal state so it's even worse locally.

I liked the post to your friend the Viking.  Made me realize that we
can't do anything but pray and wait for Jesus.  We are not of this
world and of it's ways.  It's kind of depressing since nothing seems
right.  All we have is corruption and greed and fake politicians -
meanwhile most citizens watch the lies of cnn and fox and believe what
they want to hear.  All they have to do is look at the facts as you've
pointed out in many posts to see that trump has done nothing for the
Christians and only solidified the liberal agenda.

We pray that God will protect your family and that he will provide
that land/home that you are dreaming of.

Thank you for all you do!!

TL had a dream about the family in the metro. Dreams are things that need a Daniel to interpret in God. I believe I knew the troubling content and it was a maze, but needed to be said that family is one which is facing the fact that all they are was not the glittering gold, and they are the definition of fool's gold.

From the dream, I deduced that the sister still wants TL's life which is obvious. Mummy has lured the golden child back from the medical world of Georgia, but rednecks reside there and Mummy wanted the child back in her orbit in the metro.
Thing is the child was married to keep up with TL and myself, and it seems the tubby husband is back in Georgia and she is ......well practicing in a ghetto hospital.....well now she is at a redneck hospital as white is right and black is not something you go back to.
Where was I? Oh yes the dream, so you have to understand golden child as she was preened to be a trophy wife and was the greatest thing since the Virgin Mary. Problem is she is a social retard who does not know how to interact with people, so she offends all. She thought she was going to be Tim Tebow's wife and thought that she was House on television.  Turns out she failed at great surgery so is now apparently cutting hemorrhoids out of  people's asses. It is a tough sell coming face to face that your 9 years of school has you doing the same thing a Mexican does in gutting chickens with the same stink.

Thing is this family likes to pretend they are aristocracy. Metro aristocracy is some Mics ground flour, bought a seat with people who bathed and that is what they are still claiming Kennedy no shit stink station in life. There was an odd thing in the dad was poking the ear of the daughter in the dream. Apparently the child is not listening. Well at least to the old man, as the dream seemed to indicate that the old man was putting the screws to the mum who likes me about as much as cancer bit by rabies and covered with ebola. Yeah I am not the number one person and I did not appreciate the stunt they put the golden child up to in trying to break TL and I up. Then the mother pulled a like stunt which did not work, but in the short version of this, the dream indicates the girls are ganging up on the old man on Valentines day to deplete his inheritance of junk he has in storage, a sort of selling off what he does not know, from the one woman he did adore in his own mum.
Interesting Valentine's day this was in all the revelations.

Mind you I have pity for the golden child as you can see in her pictures she is lost and so sad. It is tough to face the fact that you believed the lie  that you were the greatest thing ever to make up for all your parent's failings and you are now talking yourself into having settled for a fag husband, sticking your fingers up redneck  rectum and your revenge in life is ganging up on the father with the mother as they all gnaw on each other.

TL says I don't have to solve the world's problems, but all I want is to growdown to a childhood I never had. I am though supposed to be focusing on a post to answer all the missing links, but except for the artwork I am still in the dark.

I have to go find Medusa and see what tomorrow brings.

May God bless the Good in His Name Amen and Amen