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Brexit; The American Economic Armageddon

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As Kaiser Wilhelm explained in his memoirs, the French and British had targeted Germany for destruction in the late 1890's and in that the American financiers signed off on the plan to begin a world war in which America would be prospered from. This warring against Germany saw the rise of another predestined Jewish interest in the creation of the Soviet Union as a direct adversary against Germans to genocide the race, as the Americans again were promised immense profits, and to become the inheritors of the defunct British empire.

In China it is always warned that the Chinese thinks is decades and centuries and not in American minutes. The United States would do well to educated itself  that from it's inception the British monarchy has attempted to enslave and genocide the American Race. It was attempted in 1776, 1812, the British banking interests of the Rothschilds schemed with the French Rothschilds to begin the American Civil War to make America a debtor war divided state, and then invade the United States in the British from Canada and the French from Mexico, and then two world wars, one major Cold War where the United States bankrupted itself in defense of London and Paris, and the process seemed almost complete when one adds the cherries on top of Prime Minister Tony Blair handing President George W. Bush the intelligence for the Iraq War and then that funny little Russian Pissgate Dossier which Theresa May generated to destroy the American political system and imprison Donald Trump.
The Americans would do well to heed the words of British historian John Keegan in his history of World War II, where this fine mind never quite realizes the information he provides to the world, when he states, It took the British 50 years to recover the wealth which Winston Churchill spent in the United States on Franklin Roosevelt's Lend Lease.

Now one might examine that statement in pondering the reality that perhaps the Jewish finance and British royals understood that they could dump the defense of the world and  the British empire on the ignorant Americans in victory in World War II, and in time recover the entire British mountains of gold, and set the stage for the real prize of making bankrupt America the colony she once was, and all it would take was a 2008 Obama Super Debt Crash to install a British subject into the White House to bow before the queen, as the fact is the 2008 crash in America, began as an experiment in Iceland, moved  to London finance, as a move against Anglo American finance, and twice as it was predicted by Continental economists which was only covered here in their bragging, toppled the United States markets by twice crashing the a French criminal banking enterprise.
The net result was Birther Obama, creating Nazi Conglomerate control of America and the concentration of all American finance in Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Citibank.

What if at this point in this known mountain of debt and the fraud of the Trump stock market and economy, that there was a tripwire out there and the British were involved again, in something no one would suspect in an act called Brexit?

Examine Brexit. The people voted for it and yet when have you ever known a British election to be the will of the people and not a staged MI6 royal event to manipulate the populace?
It has now been 2 years since Brexit and there were several votes to try and thwart the will of the people in minority and a constant delaying by Pissgate founder Prime Minister Theresa May of England in not being able to reach a deal with the European Community over Britain leaving the Union.

Below you will read a series of quotes which lay out what Theresa May and the crown are up to. The people voted for Brexit and yet the people have been thwarted as the moneyed interests refuse to allow England to leave the EU as it would be bad for their business which is in reality the British taxpayer funding London financial profits, like the Tommies dying in two world wars for the same interests.

Theresa May is bound by Article 50 which is the way a nation leaves the Union. She will require a unanimous vote of all 27 European nations to grant her this or to extend the time line for Brexit past the deadline.
May has written in stone she will force a deal and not simply leave Brexit without connections to Europe. That is important to understand this, as while the people want out of Europe, May is representing the financial interests which demand the British taxpayer continue paying the royals way.

Mrs May said an extension "cannot take no deal off the table", adding: "The only way to do that is to revoke Article 50, which I shall not do, or agree a deal."
Extending Article 50 would require the unanimous backing of the other 27 EU member states and, she said, she had not had conversations about it with them.

 There have been attempts to provide alternatives to Brexit in no deal. The idea is to not do anything by the deadline and punt the issue to British elections in May. Each episode in this is an attempt to end Brexit by wearing the will of the people out, but each delay places more economies in jeopardy which is the intent of this, and the main economy to be put into jeopardy is the United States, as the biggest investors in the United States are the English.

An alternative amendment offered by Conservative MPs Simon Hart and Andrew Percy would open the way to delaying Brexit day until May 23, which would buy the prime minister a little more time and would avoid the complication of the U.K. having to take part in elections for the European Parliament (which take place over four days, starting on February 23).

 I desire the uniformed to educate themselves on British governance. In England when the leader fails in a vote on a major issue, it is called a lack of confidence. Once that takes place, the parliament is dissolved by the Prime Minister, elections are called and the Queen asks some troll to take over as Prime Minister.
That is how Theresa May wrested power from here predecessor, and if you notice in this bizarre era of Theresa May where Conservatives and Brexit advocates were not allowed to form a government, the Queen allowed May to form this anti Brexit regime for a reason and purpose and now as May should be booted out in new elections, there Theresa May remains, because the Queen and London finance have a bigger target in mind.

Theresa May's Brexit deal defeated by record margin: What ...

UK Parliament vote on Theresa May's Brexit plan a make or break moment for the prime minister, exit movement. In a devastating blow to British Prime Minister Theresa May, ...

This has all been left without any alternative. Theresa May will not leave the European Union without a deal and she can not force a deal on Chancellor Sebastian Kurz or the Conservatives. If you read the following quote, you will discover that what May has engaged in will result in an economic catastrophe by March 29th for the British economy.

Either the UK exits the EU without a deal by the March 29 deadline, which virtually every expert agrees would result in economic catastrophe, or else the country pulls back from the brink and decides to remain in the EU.
These options aren’t what the Brexiteers promise, but it’s difficult to envision any other ones after the failure of May’s deal. To quote another famous Conservative prime minister: There is no alternative.

 In the backdrop of all of this is Chancellor Kurz who has remained unmoved in all of this. He has offered the deal which is on the table, and that means Ireland will be as a EU member will be protected. Protected in her Northern Irish border will remain open as Donald Trump has kept the Mexican border open for his interests.
Ireland is the open door which England desires to have the keys to,  but the Europeans will have none of it. The door to England will stay open and no one is going to close it.

 She was forced to admit to Conservative MPs who met her on Tuesday night that the Irish backstop could not be replaced by the “Malthouse compromise” – proposals for a free trade agreement with as-yet-unknown technology to avoid customs checks on the Irish border.

To reveal how false flag the Irish issue is as a Trump border wall issue is a diversion, the Irish have went on record quite perplexed in noting that it was the United Kingdom who negotiated the Irish deal 18 months ago and now suddenly the Irish door is a great sticking point in Brexit. It is convenient cover for what is really being engaged in.

Ireland’s Europe minister, Helen McEntee, called for “realism” from the UK, saying the withdrawal agreement could not be renegotiated. She said: “There can be no change to the backstop. It was negotiated over 18 months with the UK and by the UK. A bit of realism is needed at this stage.”

 Brexit has always been a cover for something else taking place, and now the chief of MI6 in Theresa May who ran the operation against Donald Trump, the American People, the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord Elections in America, has been appointed by the Queen to complete what Brexit was created for as Theresa May is nothing but a lie.

 It is in the following quote in this smoke and mirrors in which the first Truths have been revealed behind the curtain of what is taking place. While of course it is sensationalist propaganda, you will remember that Theresa May arrived early in a visit to Donald Trump extracting American guarantees for Brexit from the Americans.
For two years Theresa May has sat on her ass deliberately as it was known that when Brexit was complete, that most of England's food comes from Europe, and without a trade treaty, England would be without food and the entire infrastructure would collapse.

In addition there would not be any airline travel to Europe from London, and here is the kicker in all of this in a no deal Brexit would unleash  the same 2008 Super Obama Depression in 2019.

Think on that for a long moment.

  UK’s Prospect Magazine, deputy director of the British Influence think tank Jonathan Lis compiled 36 eye-popping ones:
Food will rot. We import about half of our food and feed, and 70 per cent of that comes from the EU. The bosses of Calais and Dover have warned of 30-mile tailbacks and possible infrastructural collapse. Experts have already warned that supermarkets will soon run out of supplies. (Hence the stockpiling.)
Also, Lis notes, commercial aviation would be crippled. “Aviation is currently governed by the Single European Sky, European Aviation Safety Agency and aviation single market,” he explains. “You fall out of those, and pilots and planes lose their certification overnight.”
If that doesn’t sound that bad, consider this: Bank of England projections suggest that the impact of a no-deal Brexit on the British economy could be worse than the damage it suffered during the 2008 Great Recession. A no-deal Brexit would represent a historic catastrophe: an unnecessary, and entirely self-inflicted, economic crisis.

Review the following links and remember that fired #NeverTrumper Katie Walsh and now under Mike Pence's bed, along with her #NeverTrumper Mike Shields were engaged at 10 Downing Street and are joined at the hip with British political intrigue all during Pissgate which May fostered for the Obama regime.

Pay special attention to the reality that there is a massive trade deal in the works between England and the United States. Pay attention that May rejected the deal long ago which Donald Trump proposed. Pay special attention to the reality that England holds the lion's share of American investment, is the gateway to Europe for American finance, and that England is 1/5th of American exports.

Theresa May suggests NHS could be part of US trade deal

Theresa May has left the door open for the greater involvement of US corporations in British healthcare as she arrives in America to lay the groundwork for a future trade deal.

Brexit news: Theresa May and Donald Trump plot HUGE US trade ...

In relation to a trade deal in the future I would say President Trump and America want to do a good trade deal with us. Prime Minister Theresa May ... Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May ...

View this now in the form of an American Economic Armageddon. The United States is in a bankrupt debt situation to the Federal Reserve which is British and European finance. England owns the greatest share of American investment, with nations removing gold from Americans vaults and the reality that Saudi Islam money is what owns  the American energy sector.

By what Theresa May does or does not do, 1/5th or 20 of American exports could disappear overnight. What if Chancellor Sebastian Kurz with Russian trade, along with Japanese and Korean trade could replace American trade with London in the coming crisis?
What would happen to the United States economic structure if 20% of her exports lay rotting in the docks.  Could the United States afford to lose that immense segment of her economy in a short period without it setting off stock market crash which would make the Obama crash of 2008 AD in the year of our Lord look like a walk in the park.

It was not off the cuff. It was clearly meant. But was Donald Trump right to claim Theresa May’s Brexit deal meant the UK after 29 March 2019 “may not be able to trade with us”?
The UK is the fifth largest export market for American goods. British exports to the US are worth about £100bn a year to the UK economy, according to the Office for National Statistics, more than twice that of any other country.

Now do you see what I am viewing this as? That this looks like the coup de grace for the United States and that Pissgate was a part of this in a political diversion, that the British cloth of the land were fodder in this Churchill proved the monarchy would make England on labor concentration camp in starving and dictatorial control in world war, so what would it matter if the English rotted in the streets to gain the prize of the American colony again in this grand strategy?

For those who do not think London capable of such things, review the South African situation in Queen Victoria gave them their independence until diamonds were found, and then she sent in the troops and slaughtered the Boers. This same financial house has been slaughtering whites in genocide in their south Africa for Obama negroid communists ever since.

Do you really  think that a London who slaughtered British, Australian, New Zealand and American boys for Churchill's war against Germany would have a problem now attempting to play this to bring down America, even if England suffered, if the greater prize was a war erupting in Europe where Russia would be the adversary and in the end the Russians and Americans nuked each other, while the Thames remained radioactive free as the house of London once again ruled to the Urals and the US Rockies?

The more I ponder this, the more Nigel Farage appears a Judas Goat, feigning love for Americans, but never telling the world why the Queen did not allow him to be Prime Minister so the intrigue of the crown by Theresa May could progress against the Americans, again as in 1776, 1812, 1851, 1914, 1941.......and 2008.

The great Brexit betrayal is nearly complete – but Theresa May still has the chance to be a national heroine 

Nigel Farage

This American Economic Armageddon is there and it is functional. All that requires is one pull of the lever by the deliberate delays of Theresa May and in economic  ruin May will force the collapsed United States to a trade deal which will make King George's colonial rule look pleasant.

The house of London already owns the United States.

The 'Ties That Bind' ? UK Is The Largest Foreign Investor In ...

Aug 08, 2014 · In its report, Sterling Assets, the CBI reveals that the UK is the largest foreign investor in the U.S., supporting nearly one million jobs across the country. At year-end 2012, the UK - by ...

Donald Trump has proven absolutely incompetent when  it comes to the dynamics of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. I would hope that instead of his being concerned about being a washed up geezer, that he would rise past his weak personality and comprehend what is out there, and that a crash beyond 1929 can be set off by what Brexit was designed for and this President has not safeguarded nor protected Americas from this intrigue, as he does not have any Christian Conservative Inspired advisers.

What Brexit is forming to be is an  American Economic Armageddon, by which will follow a Nuclear Holocaust for the world.

Once  again  another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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