Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How dumb Niggers.....sorry Liberal are.

I call this bong mountain Barry...


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Do you remember the Chris Matthews Syndrome which was covered here in Forensic Psychology, in how there were these stupid little white boys who no one liked, and they hung out in the janitor's quarters with some low IQ black man, who would tell them pearls of wisdom which sound great to a 10 year old, but when you are 25, you wonder how "Glue and snot are not the same thing so don't eat them" sounded like such great advice in the janitor's office.

That is the Syndrome of people who make all these movies of the "sage black man" having all the answers for stupid white people is such a Hollywood allure. You will figure it out as you read on as the image of Birther Hussein Obama is teaming up with low IQ black professional athletes to teach them the sage wisdom of Obama.

Here is the opening image Obama quote:

All of us have to recognise that being a man is first and foremost being a good human,” the former President said.
“That means being responsible, working hard, being kind, respectful, compassionate. 
“If you’re confident about your strength, you don’t need to show me by putting somebody else down. Show me by lifting somebody else up.”
Curry responded: “I’ve just been mentored right there.”

OK so Birther Obama has this figured out in being a man is being good. So if you are bad in Obama speak, it means you are not a man.........what you are then Obama does not explain, but he does go into detail in telling people of low IQ that a bully is weak because they bully people.
Frankly I learned all that watching white boy Leave it to Beaver or any other 50's white boy television, but apparently blacks  missed all of that watching Soul Train or thumping to Snoop Dog about ho's.

Obama did great work as a multi millionaire NBA star in Stephen Curry informed all that he had been mentored by Obama's genius, which is the same thing Bill Cosby was telling blacks while he was drugging and raping women.
Obama has probably stopped having homosexuals like Christopher Stevens raped or white girls like Lara Logan raped by Muslims, but we still do not know in a decade if image Obama is going to be indicted like Cosby or OJ Simpson for past crimes.

In wrapping this up, Birther Hussein left the audience with this brilliance. Men do not like to talk and women do not shut up.

He said how in his own household, he tends to get together with his “boys” to watch or play a game of basketball, but they might not say much to each other. 
However, he noted that Michelle “will get with her girlfriends, they’ll show up at noon, they’ll be talking, I’ll leave, come back three hours later, they are still talking.

OK so for how many millions this Obama program is costing, people who watched white people as children, have this all figured out in behaving is good and misbehaving is bad, and that boys and girls are different, got this all for free in re runs.

I mean I am incredulous over this stupidity in Obama having to say this stuff and what kind of tards show up and need to be told this kind of stuff that 5 year olds would know.

It is literally how dumb liberals are and their children.  I would be ashamed to be this foolish in saying this stuff in public as I would know the people I grew up with would know this  stuff and humiliated that I had to be told this stuff, because everyone else would say what a dumb ass I was for not having this figured out.

The thing is after listening to the shtick of Donald Trump lying through his ass and his clappers eating it up as gospel I realize that conservatives, especially rich conservatives in Oval Offices and heating up pews have their heads up their asses.

It is how dumb Clapper are.....sorry Conservatives are.

Barack Obama joined by Stephen Curry to tell minority boys 'you matter'
Former President Barack Obama and Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry told minority boys on Tuesday that they matter …

Yes as the democratic Governors of New York and Virginia just made it legal to kill Nigger babies after they were born. In Chicago they kill Nigger kids on the streets selling Obama dope and are not stopping it, so that is a  good thing Obama is telling minority boys, who Obama and Trump are replacing with Mexicans and Muslims that they matter.

 I can't get a generous donation and these people shit money telling fools the biggest pile of horse shit ever.

Hey, you rich people matter. You are different if you are a boy or a girl and if you behave you won't get your ass kicked.

There, now donate for all the wisdom you just had dispensed.........oh and for Trump clappers, Obama's queer dick smelling like feces is just wonderful, until God sends your abominable ass to hell.

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