Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Killer Storm Brought To You By HAARP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am providing you a time lapse of the Weather Mod killer storm for mid February, which probably matters now as it is aimed at Chicago populations.

I desire to show you something in these HAARP storms in the four radar grabs you are observing a 12 hour  sequence and you will notice absolutely nothing changes.  What caught my eye was the continued strange manifestations of weather pockets occurring over the Dakotas.

In the sequence, there is a wall over the line of southern South Dakota and Minnesota, which is blocking for most of the day, and then around 6 o'clock a strange little bow scurries into South Dakota in a moisture band.

None of this makes sense, but you are looking at the nuances. In all of these photos though, remember that 24 hours before this entire radar structure was blank. There was nothing in the United States and then by HAARP miracle again, this massive storm just appeared.




What you  are seeing is a storm which resets every few hours. Sandy who I have mentioned here lives in Kennessee or Tentucky and as you can see those poor people are living in a Rasputitsa America as it is mess there constantly. All of this is most difficult for all life forms.

I will predict something on past Weather Mod. This storm will belt the Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa all day today, and sometime around evening, it will kick it in the ass and be over New England in a few hours.

Until this becomes an issue, where the cartel selling energy to consumers becomes uncomfortable this is not going to stop as they value economic rape and not American lives. Projections are that this is going to continue for 6 more weeks. Spring is not coming to America and early next week another 20 below shot is being jetted into the Fargo basin, to set this shit all up again in the same pattern.

And as the moon slowly moves to the west to set, the HAARP wall line emerges over the South Dakota Minnesota line again.

15 hours of HAARP Freeze Frame Storm

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