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Shot through the HAARP and Whose to Blame

Obama promises Chicagoans, like Noah, when the flood waters receed
that we can all have our cabin in Wisconsin and Minnesota.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As more death surrounds me here, the real world is finally dissolving away in the HAARP Monsoons first spoken of here exclusively.
I have posted here exclusively showing the endless geysers coming out of DRY Texas and smashing everything from that Republic to New York, with the worst of it in Tennessee as the Ohio Valley is a watershed which simply can take no more after 8 weeks of these deluges.

I have not been shown by God what this is all about as the Weather Mods seem to be literally wiping out everything in commerce  from the slopes of the Rockies east.
New Mexico in this bizarre pattern was buried under snow, after a storm surge flooded southern California. The reality is though that these are not normal storms as they are HAARP Weather Bombs. In America and the world it used to be the case like you never caught two kinds of flu at once, America used to have just one storm system as that is all the energy which the atmosphere could generate. That is not longer the case in these Weather Bombs are operating separately.

Nashville rainfall breaks February record set in 1880 before ...

Nashville braces for severe storms that capped record-breaking rainfall for February set in 1880. ... Nashville water rescue crews ready to assist residents during flood watch in Middle Tennessee ...

In the prelude to this I was watching the Cold Sink Hole of Bones Watertown South Dakota as that is where this entire destruction was basing it's cold cell from for the past several years. Everything was based on the upper atmosphere cold flipped there and then water jets of moisture would be poured into these cold masses. The area from Texas to New England has been operating on the "normal jet' pattern and it is an absolute disaster in Christian country as most of these states are Reagan Blue States until that deep state Tim Russert propagandized that Conservatives were Red instead of Commies.

There is going to be an enforcing surge of cold air predicted on the high plains again. Here is the warning at Watertown.


   TONIGHT Windy. Mostly cloudy. Areas of blowing snow through the night. Lows 5 to 10 above. Northwest winds 20 to 30 mph. Gusts up to 45 mph after midnight.
   SUNDAY Windy. Mostly cloudy. Blowing snow. Highs 5 to 10 above. Temperature steady or slowly falling in the afternoon. Northwest winds 25 to 35 mph with gusts to around 50 mph. Wind chill readings 20 below to 30 below zero.
   SUNDAY NIGHT Partly cloudy in the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. Patchy blowing snow in the evening. Lows around 10 below. Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph. Gusts up to 35 mph in the evening. Wind chill readings 23 below to 33 below zero.
   MONDAY Mostly cloudy. A 20 percent chance of light snow in the morning. Highs near zero. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Coldest wind chill readings 22 below to 32 below zero in the morning.

The data though does not once again match the "weather". Here is a Jet Stream grab, which I will not reveal the source as if I do it is going to be pulled. Note in this jet stream pattern as has been the case for weeks, that there is NOT ANY ARCTIC JET FLOW. The Dakotas and Minnesota which are about to have another blizzard are having West Coast air flows. It is impossible to get below zero readings from this kind of west east jet flow and yet that is what is taking place. HAARP is sucking air from the upper atmosphere to gear these storm rages and it connects directly to the Monsoons of the American South.

If you examine the sequences you will discover that the nearest any Arctic jet gets to America is extreme northern Minnesota, before it turns north again and moves off toward Greenland. This is a SPRING weather pattern and there should be 30 degree temperatures in the most northern locations of the United States.

What I have warned of in this is only the beginning. Thee entire Missouri River and Mississippi River drainages in the north are full of snow. There have been record snows by HAARP as most of you reading this did not do a damn thing about the warnings, because when all of that snow melts, it is heading south into river drainages which are at this moment having massive overflows. The damages which are coming are going to be immense. and that means insurance and GOVERNMENT INSURANCE as all regime loans are subject to making home and business owners purchase insurance as the Obama Flood Plain maps were all redrawn to include things that never flood. What has been engaged in this winter of 2019 AD in the year of our Lord though has the potential to crest past the 1989 summer flooding  which swept away homes.

In harping about this, I noted that the Weather Mods did blink and I noticed something in monitoring South Dakota the past week, in they were supposed to get another half foot of snow. Odd thing happened though in there was the HAARP generated weather bomb, but it did not snow any appreciable amount. Someone dried out that moisture pocket and if any of you ever watched Dukes of Hazard, there was a South Dakota girl on there named Catherine Bach who played Daisy  Duke. She was from a cowchip town called Faith as it takes faith to live there. I noticed that weather coming into the moisture pocket was drying out in the clouds were disappearing. They should have grown in intensity. That was the proof I needed to realize that HAARP was drying out the atmosphere as someone in the cartel took heed of their profits were being destroyed by Big Energy forcing Americans to buy fuel to not freeze. The new target in this is piling snow in the Mississippi drainage of Minnesota as you can see by this radar grab, that is where the New Mexico storm, which has been the case in the predictions here, was able to move twice the speed a normal storm should ever be able to move, and it is tracking to the Twin Cities.

This storm is a real doozy in rain, ice, tornadoes on the south and blizzards on the north. It is going to smash Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconisin which will shut down deliveries, mail shipments, airlines and commerce again. Some places the kids are not going to school, but they will be going in June. It simply is beyond Laura Ingalls Wilder storms before God healed the land for His Christian settlers.

It is what one gets when you get rid of God, rip the weather apart in Weather Mods and have a nation of Christ haters from witches to Jesuits making hell on earth.

I have not had the time to look at the outliers int this as fog and mists appear in Arctic cold, but the temperatures are 20 to 30 degrees colder than they should be in the first weeks of March and this HAARP, killer HAARP and it is going to cost the United States trillions in the damages being inflicted to force Americans to buy oil.

In the Brookings South Dakota NOAH reporting station, it will be two months going into mid March where it has not been above 32 degrees for one day. It has been warmer in Alaska than the Dakotas for months. That is impossible and this is really creating a massive problem for areas where real people live in Memphis, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and wherever pretty people live, as the HAARP cold in the Dakotas is causing the massive Monsons in the American South.
I am getting ten below zero averages in the first week of March for Watertown. That is 40 DEGREES LOWER than the temperatures should be.

This has now reached a national emergency in those "powers that be" as Birther Hussein Obama referred to, under Donald Trump now have HAARP unleashed in such destructive measures that the economy of the United States is not going to degrade, but the recession it is in, will experience an absolute shut down, as  you can not turn America into Siberia and the Russian mud spring and expect the necessary reality of people going to work and buying groceries to continue. Each of these storms is causing a hundred million dollars short fall in normal buying and it is compounding.

So with me mum dead in the grave as one of the first casualties of HAARP Weather Modification, which most of you did not care about, which is the non donors, now the reality is this disaster is being visited on 3/4's of the United States population and baby sister, this is not going to go away. It will only compound as spring melts snows in the north quickly as 10 below in Watertown does not induce a slow melt and if HAARP attempts a slow melt later, then planting will be too late, and it will compound planting in the southern flood plain which will be under water.

In this assessment, the only conclusion is there are those involved in this who are not just Big Energy, who are engaged in a scenario, of destruction in order to wrest control and profit from this series of cyclones and monsoons destroying America.

For those who are my children, they have been reading of this for over a year as this blog exclusively began exposing all of this in the peculiar nature of HAARP unnatural storms. For those who ignored it, now the grim reaper is poised as what is taking place is Biblical in how dangerous and prolonged this will be affecting Americans throughout 2019 AD in the year of our Lord. The warning in this is simple, if the Weather Mods lose control of one storm or deliberately generate a 3 to 5 inch rain storm in the northern Great Plains, you will see floods which will make the 1989 deluge look like a spring shower, as rain over this kind of frozen ground all runs off and will become a torrent.

There appears to be no stopping the cartel behind this, as they are continuing on with these disasters deliberately.  This has just begun.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let's sing with Al Gore's favorite asstard in Jon Bon Jovi.

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