Monday, February 25, 2019

The Mother of all Baby Roasting Pans

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All I wanted to do on this post was to show Richard and Stephanie my stainless steel roasting pan, but of course there is no picture online for a Carlton pan like this, so I had to take a picture, upload, edit and there it is at the top.

The old women in this country all had enamel roasting pans which I hate as they always were dropped, dented, chipped, rusted and then leaked. I sort of fell into oval roasting pans the past few years, because the first aluminum one I got was like 1.50 which I simply grew to adore like all these purchases God moves me to pick up.
The next one sat in the back of the store for two months at 4 dollars and nobody wanted that light aluminum thing. When it went for a quarter, no one wanted it, except me, and I swear that pan is the best roasting pan ever. For some reason in all of it's oddball cover design in being backwards for the steam and water holding in, this thing works. I was going to give it to my brother but this pan is too good, so it sits here.

That is when I came across this stainless steel Carlton for 2 dollars. I know that is 1.75 more than I will spend on a little pan, but I hate enamel roasters and this mother is heavy and will not chip.

The thing is it is odd. It is overtly tall like it has a bubble brain. There is not a vent hole in it, so the handles are where the steam exits and they are all beef grease stained. Speaking of the handles they are serrated, like if Muslims attacked you over Christmas dinner, you would whip this out and cut off their heads.
It looks all around like a bad design, but  I will test it out on roast beef once we get the big donations as it simply is too small for the big chickens we raised.

I just never know what gets into people in designing things. Maybe this thing will work, but I have my doubts. I have been pondering putting in a vent, but I just checked and no one makes I would have to rig something up, but that remains to be seen as how this thing really does work.

See the old enamel ones were dimpled, so water rose as steam, collected on the lid and dripped back down. This one has none of that just a high dome for the mother of all beef roasts. I just wonder about it all and will have no peace in this until it does get tried out.

It seems quite dangerous in this USA made product with serrated handles for Muslim attack at Christmas, but someone must have thought it was a great idea, and then they put it into production and no one liked it so they all disappeared. I think it is about a 20 dollar pan so I made 18 to the good. Of course now that I have it, it has been featured here, and it is rare in no one has pictures of another, it is probably worth 435,286. 31 cents in a Vega pawn shop. I suppose they would offer me 366,000 for the thing.

Oh hey interesting thing in the thrift shop on purchases the other day the bill was $6.66 . Not kidding there baby sister. I wonder what that means as I never had that happen before and while it was  not the pan, but other things, it was just some oracle I have not inquired about.

Anyway that is the mother of all baby roasting pans. It is sitting there now in the pile of other things, but someday it will appear with roast beast in it. I think that my cooking tools are about complete now as I am loosing interest in getting things as I have what I need for about every situation which was always the goal in cooking pots and pans.
Only in the brier patch would I get an anti Islam pan and get run up the anti Christ 666 number and all I wanted to do is roast some beef.

Oh I looked for a rack for this and this is the shit they had online. Disgusting aluminum foil ratted up.


What the hell is wrong with people? All you have to do is coil up some stainless steel rod in the shop and you are good to go, like an electric heating element on a stove.

If you want to waste some time, you can cut down an oval canned ham tin and drill holes in it to release steam, grind the burrs off and cover it with foil so it does not gets so nasty for wash up and you are good to go Maxwell.

 Nuff Said