Saturday, February 16, 2019

Thank you for the Prayers

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My dear children, thank you for the prayers which you have assisted in for Sandy as she dropped me a note filling in about her doctor's appointment. They told her that her eyesight can be fixed, which I expect is a lens replacement, which is a "common" surgery and she will be be able to join her family for some recuperation.

I know others of you have prayed for Laura in her situation as we have, but of course she is not on the blog or will ever be again, as she would not break her word or have others monitoring things here for her. I am certain that the goodness of God will follow her and her family.

For those who were on Facebook before I was  banned, you probably saw some of Sandy's posting. She is phenomenal in creating things and she is such a dear sweet person. She shared with me the situation of her mother in what I was dealing with the mother and has always had a kind and thoughtful world to share.
Her humor which I have not shared in it's depths makes me laugh in her adventures of puppies chewing holes through garage doors to her herding bulls as a real cowgirl.

We will continue to pray for Holy Angels to guide the doctors and for Christ's healing to be her's, as she has like problems as we all have in her husband is a carpenter working out of town and none of that is ever easy.

Hi LC and TL,
 I hope y'all are doing well. ( Or as best you can in the terrible cold where you are). ❤ You were so thoughtful to email me with your prayers for a good report from my eye doctor. Those prayers were answered. 
The doctor was the sweetest little doll of a blond, very professional but the exact opposite of Dr. Bedside Manner. She assured me that she'd have me seeing by spring break. We're going on a trip with the kids to the beach on March 18 and the doctor and her assistants worked out the surgery so that I'd be well enough to go. I told them that my eye was more important than our vacation, but they assured me they could get me in surgery on March 4 and be good to travel as early as March 11. That's an Eph. 3:20 moment for sure.😊
I'm so thankful. I know that I still have the surgery ahead, but I think it'd be a sin to be anxious about it. So, I'm not going to fret. ( I come from a long line of worriers). 😉
 I am keeping y'all in my prayers and please know that we are here if you need us.
Thank you again for your kind hearts.💕
Love, Sandy

It is why I wanted to share a good thing your prayers have helped with in making life better for a good person. I am not the best of people, but I appreciate the coupons people kept placing in our bags at the store. God is good and loving even when you  are Jeremiah down in the muddy well.

Thank you again for the prayers for Sandy and for Laura too. God's blessing reward all of you in your good prayers for all of us in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.

Our day was cooking chili as payment for the neighbor moving snow for us. The beans were kind of not done and I hope God has them think this is great chili. After a month more of cold and blizzards, and an end gate on the pick up which sticks as that is a GMC, I was forced to get another cattle lick today, and TL helped me roll the 200 pound block out to the cattle who were delighted. It was 5 degrees as the warm day and I hope to God no more snow which is forecast comes. It was one of those things that it was just more shitty shit to deal with, but I will try and remember the Gospel of Sandy to stop fretting over all of this chit in ice on the roof and other things that 50 degrees would solve My big plan tonight with TL is to rest while I am typing some things up. I have had a real luxury in watching a DVD and I actually get to play a game of computer chess which helps take the edge off of me.

One day closer to spring.

Rootie toot toot