Tuesday, February 26, 2019


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yes in that little box above called Cafe Press there is a host of new adorations for legacy of President Donald John Trump, who continues in an established line socialist leaders of America in Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter,  Bush 1 and 2, William Clinton, Barack Obama, and yes now Donald Trump, there must be the notable accoutrements to such an epic event to herald the accomplishments of President Trump.

What could be more fitting than the TRUMPSTIKA, a wonder of the Trump religion of christendom and the lovely First Lady, Melania Trump in her professing Marionism of the great Vatican Religion. The TRUMPSTIKA is the perfect adoration for this President.

Next, ever President must now keep up with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz of Austria in this President needs his own TRUMPADLER or Trump's Eagle. Yes when this all began, Donald Trump was posing with the bald eagle, the symbol of America. Now this President has moved beyond those relics and deserves his own emblem of the Trumpsadler to commemorate his leadership in this world.

Perhaps my personal favorite is the Trump Banner for 2020. What lovely flag this would be flying over Trump country, Trump's voters homos, Trump's White House and yes Trump's security and military forces in the field.
Would this not be the perfect banner to rally around to inspire all to the greatness which Donald Trump fills the world with every day.

Lastly, there is Donald Trump the fighter, all available from Cafe Press where the rich can purchase  thousands of items for their thousands of friends and  family who just adore them. What would be better than to tell your unemployed family, your fired friends, your over taxed and over sodomized associates to "keep up the goof fight as President Trump does as an inspiration to all".

Frankly I would like to see an Executive Order where all good bought and sold would have to have the Trumpstika upon them. I would gladly donate to Donald Trump in the Lame Cherry would offer the Trumpstika for free to the government of the United States to put right next to MADE IN AMERICA that noted TRUMSTIKA to be a symbol to the world of all things wonderful in America.

No other autocrat has had such adoring symbols created and lavished upon them. Vladimir Putin, Xi, Kim and even the elected Sebastian Kurz, does not have any Eagles, Banners or Stikas commemorating their marks  upon the world.

Yes from sea to shorn up sea, let the Trumpstka ring. If only Jim Carey could replace the hate in his heart with love, then even his artistic creations would overflow with the beauty of the Trumpstika, unfurled, flying, forked on the ends, as the winds of truth lift it to the heavens for all to marvel and adore.

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