Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bombogenesis they call HAARP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

First, I want to say something on the killer storm which is going to destroy thousands of lambs and calves on the Northern Great Plains, on top of the thousands which were destroyed last week in the killer storms, which are HAARP bombs, created to wipe out Americans as Saudi Jewrabia finance owns the American debt on fracking and you got to sell oil and get rid of those Protestants, but none of that matters as I found this photo of HOT CHIC  ALERT in South Dakota.

I have to tell you that there are some baggers up in this area of the world. That station called KELO has real puke city brown baggers, but then  the CIA is paying KELO to promote dick up the ass and dildo up the twat fag shit to sodomize the South Dakota critters.
I do not feel so bad for Bones as he is in Sioux Falls and he gets to see legs like this all the time.


Sorry about the odd pictures, but since the Mossad has started monitoring things here, I can't get pictures to load and things look off.

From what I can gather South Dakota has like 3 stations. KDLT where the hot babes are. KSFY which really is hard up for anything you would want to masturbate to and then KELO which employs these freaks of nature. They are just alien looking chics.

Anyway after our New Mexico native was getting pasted for days, the super storm is forming over Kansas, setting new records for death in America. Reagan was not even President the last time anything like this happened in this is a category hurricane, just like I told you was coming.

Zerohedge even got in the Weather bomb act in now featuring this story finally. Slavics are tough bastards so I can understand why it has taken them a bit to cover this story.

This looks like the last mass death event in the Great Plains. I think that everyone who had cancer or was old is dead there now. Things are going better here in only the mother went grave temp in November as they are not burying people here any more, but waiting for the permafrost to thaw. No putting geezers on icebergs for the polar bears to recycle.

Anyway, I will repeat in these storms are supposed to generate out of Trinidad Colorado, not New Mexico and then form over Kansas. I have been watching this for weeks as the readers know, and I can  tell you that the Arctic jet is returning next week..........but the temperatures are going to be in the 40's now and not 20 below. I told you that the sun is killing HAARP and this last genocide storm is all the smoke that the Weather Mods can generate. Going to flood like Noah, but who cares about that shit when you got leg alerts in South Dakota.

The bombogenesis will detonate over Central Plains and bring almost every weather hazard possible at once. Severe thunderstorms are expected to hit south Texas to eastern Nebraska on Wednesday, which includes the potential for tornadoes.
  • Meanwhile, in the plains of eastern Colorado and parts of Nebraska and Kansas, rain, freezing rain, sleet and heavy snow are forecast as the storm intensifies. Some areas may pick up more than a foot of snow as wind gusts to 70 miles per hour lead to blizzard conditions. The closures of entire interstates, including I-70 in Colorado, is possible.
  • Blizzard warnings have been posted from northeastern Colorado into southeastern Wyoming, as well as Nebraska and southwest South Dakota.
  • As the storm spins northeastward, it's predicted to bring heavy rain on top of a deep snowpack in the Upper Midwest, with the potential for severe flooding in some areas.
  • Because of the storm's low air pressure, it will generate a huge and powerful wind field as air rushes toward the storm center. High wind watches cover a vast region from South Texas to Iowa, and wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour are possible in the hardest-hit regions, the National Weather Service warns.
The storm will affect the entire Central Plains, from the U.S.-Mexico border to the U.S.-Canadian border. Axios notes that it's highly unusual to see a low-pressure system intensify so rapidly over land, since these type of storms are more common over tropical oceans.

Man the men here on television look like goddamn retards bred the zoo animals. Not that I am looking with TL around, but Roxanna Twatzana, what the hell is this promotion of fags all over the place. The women look like they put on the feedbag and ate their fetus with whipped cream.

Things are dying and going to keep on dying and no one is telling you that, and those that have now started are not telling you this is a crime against Americans in this is man made storm bombs, with a purpose of commerce.
I think with all the dead geezers and cancer gimps that Donald Trump's debt spending should reduce by several hundred million in this natural selection.

Here is one more photo of the snow melter of Sioux Falls. Wow a real woman with breasts popping the buttons off the blouse as she breathes. Almost makes me want to move to Cowchipia and I can switch off ugly like KELO, just not the weather.