Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Yes across my red sea and enter my promised Trumpland

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder how the brilliant Jew, well not Ben Shapiro as that sayo is in on the manipulation, but for the average Jew who knows they are the Apple of God and Donald Trump's eye, are in the democratic party custody battle being herded into the Trump Nazi National Socialist Party, just like they were in the ghetto when the elders sold them to labor for the Nazi.

See I would think it would be easier to give me a 7 million dollar book deal, pay me the money, but never publish the book, would be better for this operation which Webster Griffin Tarpley alerted the world to, than for me to be writing about this scam all the time in the democratic party being divided and Donald Trump gets the dirty dicks up the ass, the Niggers from the hood and the Jew.

I know for the Jew that Trump is all in the family, but usually the Jew gets more respect from the Mossad. Yeah you fuck them, but you usually show them some respect, but then Jared Kushner is a slum lord and is robbing Jews all the time so I can see why in America, you just herd them over to Donald Trump's new Nazi party.

This is about that for the post as the Lame Cherry proven right again on the Trump Party as I told you all of this was happening and now the Jew is getting marched off to the Trump Camp. I think that this program is not up to the Nazi, as Adolf Hitler used to hand out orange marmalade to Jews who turned their crippled family members over to the SS.  Wouldn't it be better if these Jews got a nice piece of chocolate cake for selling themselves out to Don Trump? I mean he gave the Chinaman Xi a beautiful chocolate cake, and a Jew should get some kosher cake or something as they are being traded like stocks by Goldman Sachs.

Hell at least Jared could offer a gerbil up the ass as them homos sure can't be using them 24 7 or at least a rat up the ass as them Afroids got lots of rats in them Obama houses.

Nancy  Pelosi let Don's People go!!!!!!


 Did you say orange chocolate marmalade.......

Only the hot Jews though as Mossad only has hot cocks for the hot Jew nethers.

Lame Cherry right again by God's Grace.

Nuff Said.